How long does tree pruning take?

Trees need to be pruned regularly. There’s nothing worse than a tree cluttered with dead or dying branches. Unpruned trees quickly become overweight with leaves, imbalanced from uneven growth and a potential hazard to nearby power lines. 

Having a professional arborist prune your trees has a range of benefits beyond simply making them look great – which it does! Pruning your trees ensures they remain healthy, safe and free of disease. However, the one question our arborists in the field get asked is: 

How long does pruning a tree take?

There is, unfortunately, no single answer to it. Tree pruning can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a whole day, depending on the size and condition of the tree. Some trees can be pruned with a single crew member on the ground. Larger trees will require a climber, ropes, a ground crew, a woodchipper and several hours to complete.

The reason there is no easy answer is that pruning can encompass many different things. Pruning can mean clipping leaves, trimming twigs, shaping canopies or removing dead branches. We prune trees that have been damaged by storms to mitigate the danger of falling branches. We prune trees close to powerlines to provide safe clearance. We prune young trees to encourage healthy growth. We prune large mature trees to ensure they remain structurally sound. We prune garden trees to prevent falling leaf clutter.

With so many different ways to prune, types of trees and sizes of trees, the amount of time needed to prune them varies dramatically. For an accurate estimate on the length of time required to prune your trees, contact our specialists today on 131546.
Once you’ve given our friendly experts the approximate size, species, condition and location of the tree, they will be able to provide more information about the price and time for the job. 

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