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Tree Services for Sydney’s North Shore

Having big beautiful trees on your property can look great and add a lot of privacy for your Northern Beaches home, but it’s important to make sure they’re receiving the proper care. If you’ve spotted dying branches, you’ve noticed the canopy is looking overgrown, or you think some of the branches are getting a little too close to powerlines, it’s time to book an appointment with the professionals.

Jim’s Trees offer tree lopping and other services to clients throughout Sydney’s North Shore, ensuring your trees remain happy and healthy, and safe for your family.

Offering Tree Lopping, Tree Removal & More

Keep your property safe from damage and your family or guests protected from injury with help from the experienced team at Jim’s Trees. We offer simple, effective tree services to customers across Sydney, including tree lopping and tree removal. Whether you’re based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Inner West Sydney, or North Sydney, we’re here to help.

When we complete tree lopping, our experienced team will assess the tree and the site and determine the best way to proceed. If complete tree removal is required, we’ll make sure the space is ready to plant a new sapling if required. This ensures your property is not only kept safe, but it’s given a revitalised appearance.

Sound easy? Think again! Tree lopping of heavy branches and complete removal of trees is something only professionals can do safely. Each of our franchise are highly trained and fully qualified to complete these services. If you need tree lopping in Sydney, request a quote today.

Request a Quote for Tree Services in the Northern Beaches

Whether it’s time for a clean-up around your backyard, you’re working on development site, or you’re simply concerned about the health of a tree on your residential or commercial property, there’s no one better to call than Jim’s Trees. We truly care about your trees and the environment and will do our best to maintain the natural beauty of your property. Call us today on 131 546 or request a quote online.