Tree’s damaged by a storm? Need help fast?

Storm damage from high winds and torrential rain can create hazardous situations for your home and community. Branches falling on cars, trees blocking roads and powerful winds pushing overgrown foliage near powerlines can all pose severe safety risks. Trees that have deteriorated through age, disease or damage are more susceptible to the dangers of storms, but no tree is guaranteed to be safe.

We provide storm damage cleanup and emergency assistance to help keep you and your family safe. We have the tools and the experience to help you with everything from proactive measures like arborist reports and power line clearance pruning, to post-storm cleanup and emergency tree removal. If your trees have been impacted by a storm, or you are worried they may be a risk during turbulent winds, give us a call today to help keep your trees safe and secure.

Emergency Relief

There’s few things scarier than hearing the unmistakable *SNAP* of a large tree branch, or feeling the earth shudder from an entire tree falling down. If this nightmare scenario has happened to you, then you know that the last thing you want to do is to start figuring out how to clean up the mess.

That’s where we come in. Our friendly crews can take care of the mess for you with a simple call. We can take the stress out of post-storm cleanups. We turn up on site with all the equipment needed to clear and clean your property and leave it looking better than ever. With our wood chipper we break down any green waste and tree material into organic wood chip mulch that we can transport off site for you.

Post-storm emergency relief should not end with the cleanup. Our arborists can provide assessments of your trees to help identify any other damage that may have been incurred during the storm. This proactive assessment is invaluable in identifying and mitigating any other hazards that could have become a risk to your safety.

Emergency Tree Removal

In addition to health assessments, pruning and woodchipping, our crews are able to handle any emergency tree removal that you may require. If a tree has fallen during a storm, the worst thing you can do is nothing. With a simple call to Jim’s we can have the tree removed from your property in no time. No tree is too big, too damaged or too difficult for our professional tree surgeons to take care of. Equipped with wood chippers, chainsaws, stump grinders and the best industry training, we can ensure that any emergency tree removal is done quickly and with the best outcomes for your home.

Storm Safe Strategy

The single most effective way to protect your home against the threat of storms is to be proactive. Being storm smart with your trees will help you to stay storm safe. To be storm safe, it is important to have your trees assessed by qualified arborists who can identify any risk factors or structural damage that may lead to enhanced risk during a storm.

In addition to a pro-arborist report, a regular pruning schedule has many benefits to a storm safe strategy. Not only does it reduce the weight on the branches of your tree, but pruning can reduce the impact of wind, improve the structural integrity of your tree and help to keep a safe distance from any nearby power lines.

The Jim’s Difference

Our aim is to make professional arborist services accessible and affordable to everyone. Storm damage and emergency assistance is one of the most critical and urgent services in the tree industry. That’s why we believe in keeping all communities safe by helping to implement Storm Safe Strategies. If you’ve had a storm damage your trees, or want help creating a Storm Safe Strategy, contact our friendly team today on 131546.

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