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If you are a Melbourne resident, then you are obviously well aware of the diverse weather our city experiences. Indeed, there are few forces of nature that are capable of causing as much damage to property as one of our storms.

Everyone has heard of roofs being ripped off houses or wind-blown debris leaving long, deep cracks in walls. The dangers can be even greater if you have old, brittle branches in your backyard. Trunks can dry up on the inside and weaken at places. Even during a moderately strong storm, the trunk can snap, causing the tree to crash through the roof of your home.

The simple solution for Melbourne property-owners

Protect yourself against property damage and injury with help from Jim’s Trees. We offer a simple, effective solution for customers across the Melbourne area. Our experienced arborists will remove the tree and plant a new sapling in its place, ensuring that not only is your home kept safe, your yard is given a refreshed appearance.

However, it is easier said than done. Cutting heavy trunks into pieces and pruning without causing any accidental damage to your property is something only experienced professionals can pull off. Besides, the stump left after cutting the tree also needs to be carefully removed, along with the roots. Only when all these have been removed will the ground be ready to accept a new sapling.

Fortunately, Jim’s Trees has extensive experience across a range of services, ensuring that no matter the job, we’re up to the task. We’ve helped property-owners from Reservoir to Coburg to Brighton make their spaces safer and more attractive. Ensure that you’ve got the support you need around your property and start a conversation with our team today.


Whether it’s time for a clean-up around the backyard or you need a dangerous tree removed, there’s no better choice than Jim’s Trees. Call 131 456 to speak directly to our team or click the ‘Request Quote’ button at the bottom of the page and let us know what you need.