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Melbourne Tree Removal Services – Professional Tree Lopping & Care

Tree removal services keep your home and your community safe by identifying and removing trees that have become hazardous or obstructive. When it comes to tree removals, there is no one better than our loppers. Our tree removal Melbourne crews are trained, qualified and equipped to provide a full range of professional arborist services. If you need urgent tree care then don’t waste time and money with other removal services. Not only can our team remove the tree for you, they can also help to identify any other hazardous trees to ensure the safety of your home. We don’t believe that a job finishes with the removal of trees. Instead, we provide end-to-end tree removal services that include tree stump removal, wood-chipping, green waste disposal and a complete clean-up.

Safety, Quality & Experience

Our Melbourne crews have worked hard to become the most trusted tree service teams in the city. They’ve done this by putting safety and quality service above all else. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority, that’s why we never cut corners. Each of our Melbourne franchises are run by local members of the community. They live in your neighbourhood and want to work with you to preserve and promote the health of the local ecosystem.

Many years of providing high quality tree services with 100% customer satisfaction has given our teams the experience needed to tackle any challenge, big or small. Our loppers have the best training and equipment in the industry. This means that there is no finer choice for tree maintenance, tree removal or professional Arborist assistance.

Tree services we offer in Melbourne

Our friendly professional Loppers offer the following services:Australian-tree climbing championships

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Canopy Shaping
  • Wood chipping
  • Cleanup & Green Waste Disposal
  • Pro Arborist Reports
  • Cheap Tree Removal
  • Professional Arborists
  • Tree Surgeons

Tree removal Melbourne

Tree removalists are referred to by many names: loppers, arborists, tree fellers. However, it’s important when hiring someone for tree removal Melbourne to get someone with the right qualifications and experience. This means finding a professional arborist to carry out any tree removal services. Arborists are the right specialists for the job because they are trained to perform tree works in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible. This means minimising any harm that can come to you, your home, our crews or the surrounding ecosystem during the tree removal process.

Arborist services are the gold standard in the tree industry. When an arborist carries out a tree removal, they conduct an analysis on both the condition of the tree and the surrounding environment to help determine the safest and most sustainable strategy. External hazards like roads, traffic, pedestrians, fences or walls can each cause problems or be damaged by a tree removal job. It is therefore of extreme importance that you choose an experienced and qualified arborist who has a good team with them and the right equipment. Preparation is key and that is where our tree removal Melbourne teams shine. They are equipped with the best industry tools and machinery. More importantly, they are given the training to use this equipment in the safest, most effective way possible.

Stump removal in Melbourne

A complete tree removal is not finished if the stump is left to rot in the ground and its root system continues to divert important water and nutrients away from the rest of your garden. A tree’s root system can continue to grow and thrive, even once the tree has been removed and all that remains is the tree stump. If you choose not to remove, tree stumps can cause all sorts of headaches for home owners. These headaches include common issues like cracked pavement and walls, uprooted soil and tripping hazards. A lingering stump can also obstruct land development and home renovations.

Luckily our tree removal Melbourne crews are equipped to solve these problems for you with a stump removal service. Using a powerful machine known as a stump grinder, our teams can remove the tree stump for you after the tree removal to make sure the root system does not cause you problems down the road. With a rotating blade fitted with tungsten teeth, a stump grinder can break down the wood of the tree stump to below ground level. Once the team have performed the stump removal by breaking down the stump, the root system will be cut off from its life source and will perish. This will allow all of the good water and nutrients in the soil to reach the rest of your garden. Our Melbourne crews are experts in the stump removal process. If you want a stump removal service included, let our team know before they start the job so that they can bring all the right machinery and get it done for you as quickly as possible.

Pruning services

Trees are so much more than a beautiful feature on your property, they are the lungs of our planet. Maintaining healthy trees in Melbourne is everyone’s responsibility as it helps to preserve a vibrant ecosystem for you, your neighbours and the wildlife around us. While having your tree regularly assessed by a qualified arborist is important for the community, it has many direct benefits for you. Tree trimming excess weight on your tree’s branches greatly reduces the risk of dangerous falling branches or your tree falling down in a storm. Healthy trees can also provide nutrients for the surrounding garden, shade for your home and increase the value of your property.

When it comes to tree trimming, we highly recommend creating a regular pruning schedule with an arborist. Being proactive and regular with your tree works gives your trees the best chance of staying healthy, safe and beautiful. Regular tree pruning has a wide range of benefits. In the long run regular pruning can save you money, time and stress.

Pruning is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a tree removal. By having your trees pruned you increase their life expectancy and reduce the chance of needing to have the tree removed. Trimming excess foliage also reduces the amount of leaves that your tree will drop. These excess leaves often cover your garden and prevent essential sunlight reaching your plants. They can also find their way into your drains, gutters and pipes, which can damage the plumbing infrastructure of your home and require expensive repairs.

Jim’s Trees customer service is second to none

Our list of returning customers In Melbourne is growing rapidly every year because of our dedication to providing excellent customer service. Much of our success is due to happy customers who highly recommend our tree services to their friends and family by word of mouth. We believe that customer service is pivotal to providing great tree services. That’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Ensuring your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority.

Obligation-Free Quotes

To provide a great service, we start by offering a free quote for every job. This allows you to enquire without commitments or obligations. Tree services aren’t cheap because they involve risk, dangerous machinery, technical skills and a well trained team. As such, we believe in transparency when it comes to the cost of a job and the prices we charge. That’s why we provide up front quotes for every job and have no hidden fees.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

No one likes to take on unnecessary risk. While the job of climbing up a dying tree and lopping it to pieces from the top down is unquestionably dangerous, hiring someone to do it doesn’t have to be. Other tree services will leave you to take on the financial risks of felling a tree on your property. This includes the potential for bodily harm, environmental damage, property damage, public liability and more.

We take the financial risk out of tree removal Melbourne by protecting our customers with comprehensive insurance coverage. Our customers deserve protection and they deserve the best. That’s why we spared no expense in protecting every single job we do with an industry-leading $10 million insurance policy.

Melbourne Tree Removal Permits

Whether you require a tree extraction or a stump removal job, you will need permission from your local council in order to carry out any significant tree works. While we have no control over the local council approval process, our local crews are familiar with the council process and are happy to share any experience or knowledge they may have that could assist you with your application.

In our library we have a collection of resources on local council regulation that can help you to navigate your local tree protection laws and permit application process. Almost every job we do in Melbourne and around the country requires permission from a local council, so our teams are very familiar with the process and can often help our customers to make this as quick and simple as possible. Be aware that some cut-rate tree services try to save money and time by avoiding this process and breaking the local tree protection laws. The risk of this illegal behaviour falls on the customer and can result in heavy fines and legal action. We therefore recommend that you only proceed with a job if the tree service you use has a good reputation and always follows local, state and federal tree protection laws.

How To Care For Your Trees

Early and regular maintenance is the most important thing when it comes to caring for your trees. It’s easy to forget about your trees and to hope that they will take care of themselves. However, it’s often too late to help once you notice your trees looking sick or damaged.

Having your tree pruned and lopped can help to reduce excess weight. This can alleviate the stress put on the structure of the tree and lessen the chances of falling debris or branches. Not only does this reduce the amount of leaves and clutter that build up in your garden, it makes your trees a lot safer next time strong winds or storms come your way.

Health Assessments are another important part of keeping your trees healthy and safe. Trees can develop damage and disease over the course of their life. These problems aren’t always clear or visible, but can have a severe impact on the growth and prosperity of your tree. Our arborists can ensure that your trees are safe and free of disease, or start early treatment options when necessary.

No two tree removal Melbourne jobs are the same. For this reason there is no simple answer to the question “how much does it cost to pull out a tree?” If you need a precise answer for the cost of a specific job, we highly recommend contacting our friendly specialists to request a free quote.

If you are looking for a more general cost of a tree removal job, then you can expect it to fall somewhere between $250 to $3,000 depending on a wide range of factors. The average cost of a Melbourne tree extraction is approximately $1,000.

The most influential factors when determining the cost of a removal job are the size, species and condition of the tree; the access, terrain and conditions of the site; and the external hazards like nearby roads, traffic and powerlines. Further costs are included in the quote if you require tree health assessments, stump grinding, wood chipping and green waste disposal.

Unless you are a qualified arborist with all the right equipment and a support crew, then we highly recommend that you do not attempt to cut down and remove a tree yourself. There are many risks associated with lopping and felling a tree. These risks are greatly magnified if the tree is large and if it is in a poor condition. Improper methods of removal can result in severe bodily harm, damage to the ecosystem and property damage. While these risks are always associated with a tree removal, our professional teams have the training, safety protocols and insurance to minimise physical and financial risks.

Even small trees can pose risks for amateurs. If you choose to remove a tree by yourself for financial reasons, you may find yourself paying far more money than the cost of a professional service down the road. Extra costs in repairing potential damage to the environment or your home will far outweigh the cost of a professional tree extraction. We highly recommend that anyone considering removing a tree themselves contact our specialists and learn about the safer options that are available to them.

This is one of the most common questions that we hear in the tree industry. There are many potential reasons you may have for removing a tree. The answer to when you should proceed with a removal job will depend on your motivation for getting rid of the tree. If the tree has become dangerous through age, sickness or damage then you should have the tree cut down immediately. Neglecting a dangerous tree puts you, your home and your community at risk. If you believe that your tree is dangerous, we highly recommend that you contact our friendly team immediately.

If the motivation for felling the tree is due to construction or renovation plans, then you should inform our arborists of the building schedule so that the removal job can be planned accordingly. Tree removal requires permission from your local council, so it is best to start the application process as early as possible to ensure that you can secure your tree removal permit in time.

For any other reasons, the best way to determine when the best time to get rid of the tree is to speak with our customer service team. They can put you in contact with your local arborist and give you an idea of the availability and likely timeframe for the job.

The Jim’s Difference

We offer a complete service from the first time you contact us, until we clean up all the green waste and leave your property looking great. The reason our list of returning customers is growing each year is because we believe in giving you the best service possible in the safest way we can. 

If you want to start caring for your trees, need the advice of an Arborist, or are curious about our prices and services – contact us today for a chat and a free quote. There are more ways than ever to get in touch. 

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