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Tree Removal in the ACT

As a planned city, trees are central to the character and formation of the nation’s capital. Trees line the lake, bike paths and streets throughout the city, bringing the natural aesthetic of the land to the forefront. As a result, Canberrans have grown to love and appreciate their trees. Protecting and preserving healthy trees is a priority, while assessing and removing unhealthy trees is understood to be an equally important part of the lifecycle of the ecosystem.

This is why Jim’s Trees has become the most trusted name in the tree service industry in Canberra. We care about your trees as much as you do; we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your trees and home are treated with the highest quality care and professional attention.

Tree Removal Services provided in the ACT

Canberra trees are resilient and adaptable due to the ever-changing weather and increasing effects of climate change. With an annual average of 100 days of frost, 108 days of rain and 7.6 hours of daily sunshine, Canberra has a particularly diverse climate.

Recent reports commissioned by the ACT Government have revealed the need to increase the city’s tree canopy coverage due to the rise in temperatures from climate change. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to practice responsible tree ownership and be conscious about preserving the health of our tree population.

Our Canberra team are EVOENERGY Accredited Tree Surgeons who offer a full range of tree services to assist you with every stage of your tree’s life cycle:

Top 10 most common trees we work with in Canberra:

  1. Gum Trees (Eucalyptus)
  2. Japanese Crabapple (Malus floribunda)
  3. Oaks (Quercus)
  4. Elms (Ulmus)
  5. Plane Trees (Platanus)
  6. Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)
  7. Black Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica)
  8. Silver Birch (Betula pendula)
  9. Japanese Cherry (Prunus Serrulata)
  10. Acer negundo (Box Elder)

Tree Removal ACT FAQ’s

The cost of tree services vary depending on a wide range of influencing factors. The size, species, condition and location of the tree will all affect the amount of time and number of workers necessary for the job. Further elements like access to the location, traffic and surrounding hazards can also affect the safety and amount of time needed for a job. For these reasons, a personalised quote is necessary to give you an accurate idea of the price of your job. For a general idea of the cost, we have providing some starting prices for each of the services.

Tree removal: From $600 for a medium sized tree and from $1500 for a large

Tree pruning: From $600 for a medium tree and from $1500 for a large tree

Tree wood chipping: From $800 for a large pile

Palm Tree removal: From $1500

Most trees in Canberra are protected under the Tree Protection Act 2005. You can find information on these tree protection laws here. To find out whether you need a permit to prune or remove your private trees, contact your local council or a Jim’s Trees specialist today.

Absolutely we are insured. All of our jobs are covered under our $10 million insurance policy which protects our clients and workers in the case of any accidents.

Yes we do. We sell premium wood chip mulch that we make fresh daily from the local work we do around Canberra. Our mulch is made from the green waste we create from each of our jobs, which means our mulch is locally-sourced, untreated, organic material that is ideal to help your garden grow.

We offer clean up and waste-removal services for all of the jobs we do because we care about leaving your property looking great. In addition to clean-ups after our services, we also offer wood chipping and green waste removal as stand-alone services for those looking for a quick, easy way of cleaning up their property.