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Tree Removal Montmorency

Jim’s Trees has been providing quality tree care and arborist services to the communities of Montmorency and surrounding regions for well over a decade.  You can count on receiving safe, fast and efficient results that are done with care for the surrounding environment and will leave your property looking great.

We specialise in providing fast, safe tree removals with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Jim’s Trees Montmorency are also first-class providers of tree pruning, stump grinding, mulching of branches and palm tree cleaning and removal services. See below for a list of quality tree services provided by the team.

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Montmorency Tree Services

As the head of Jim’s Trees Montmorency, Dave provides a full range of professional arborist services. This covers everything that you could require when it comes to your trees and hedges. His regular tree maintenance work like pruning and hedging helps to keep the neighborhood looking green, healthy, and pristine. The larger jobs such as tree removals and stump grinding help his customers to clear away dead, dying, or dangerous trees and regain their land to use for other purposes. Dave also helps with everything in between, whether it’s lopping overhanging branches to remove dangers from around the home, or providing essential services such as powerline clearances and bushfire hazard reduction. Below are some of the most popular services provided, for any additional services simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

  • Tree Removal
    Whether your tree has been deteriorating or it’s obstructing your future plans, our team can help cut it down and remove it from your property. Our tree removal service is fast, safe, and highly professional. It doesn’t matter the size, species, or condition of the tree, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to remove it for you while leaving your property in excellent condition.
  • Stump Removal
    While many tree services will leave a stump to linger and rot in the ground after they’ve removed a tree, we can go the extra mile for you. It’s important to remove a stump to prevent the roots from consuming important resources in the soil that can benefit the rest of your garden. It’s also an essential step to preventing unwanted bugs and rodents from inhabiting the stump. With our stump grinder, we can make short work of any problematic stumps you need us to get rid of.
  • Tree Lopping
    If you have any dangerous or overhanging branches on your property, we can lop them off safely without harm to the rest of the tree. Tree lopping can help to remove risks from your home and prepare your trees for oncoming storms or periods of strong wind.
  • Tree Pruning
    Pruning is an important way to promote healthy growth in your trees and should be done regularly. Reach out to our team to discuss how we can create a professional pruning schedule to get your trees looking their best all year round.
  • Tree Canopy Lifting
    Lifting the canopy of your tree can change the look of your entire property by allowing more sunlight to reach your garden while improving your view. It can also help to maintain the beauty and health of your tree.
  • Wood Chipping
    With our industrial wood chipper we can turn any green waste you have into fresh, organic mulch that is perfect for easy transportation or for use in your own garden. Wood chip mulch is excellent for regulating the temperature of your soil all year round and allowing your garden to prosper.
  • Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal
    Whether you need your palms maintained or removed, we have the expertise to do it right. Palms require an expert’s touch to get the most out of them, so for all your palm tree needs get in touch with our team.

Safe & Insured Arborist Services

Every job done by the Jim’s Trees Montmorency team is covered by an industry-leading $10 million insurance policy. This provides financial protection for you and peace of mind. Tree removal and other arborist work is both highly skilled and dangerous work that requires the use of powerful tools in challenging conditions. That’s why it’s important that you leave these jobs to highly trained professionals who have the experience and equipment to do this work as safely as possible. However, even with the extensive training and experience of our team, it is possible for forces outside our control to result in unforeseen problems. In these cases, it’s important to be financially protected with a comprehensive insurance policy. For peace of mind and assurance that these challenging and risky jobs are being done by qualified professionals with the right insurance, choose Jim’s Trees Montmorency.

Nearby Areas

While we’re based out of Montmorency, we are more than happy to service all surrounding areas including:

  • Eltham
  • Greensborough
  • Briar Hill
  • Lower Plenty

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