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Jim’s Tree Removal Magill

Jim’s Tree Magill, is your stump & tree removal Magill specialist.

Trees play a significant role in the urban environment. They not only provide shelter and shade, but also assist in preventing erosion. Trees can undeniably add beauty to any environment and improve both the appearance and the monetary value of a property.

Jim’s Tree can provide inspections to determine signs and symptoms of tree trouble. Our qualified arborists will assist with diagnosis and provide advice on how to best treat your tree’s problem.

Professional service

At Jims Trees, our removal experts ensure that work is done professionally and as per clients requirements. We ensure that no utmost care is taken so that no damage is done to the property or the surrounding areas. Once the work is done we ensure that we clean up the property so that the clients don’t have to do any work.  Gum tree removal is perhaps one of the most common jobs we do, and this may reflect the natural abundance of such plants.

Do not attempt to remove or fell on your own as you could end up damaging the site / property and may be health hazard for yourself. And it may be difficult for your get rid of the stump and may act as a hazard for you in future and may cost you in future.

Our experts are professionally trained and have lots of experience to help you get your job done.

Contact us on 131 546 for the professional help you need.

Specialist Services

Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal franchisees always provide prompt, professional and reliable service. Tree removal and trimming can be dangerous work so trust your local Jims Franchisee. Every franchisee has $10 million public liability insurance for peace of mind.

We specialise in:

  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Palm cleaning or removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Mulching of branches