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Tree Removal Services

Anyone with trees knows how precious it is to find a quality tree care service that provides fast, affordable and safe removal of trees. We offer professional arborist support that extends beyond tree removal services into all areas of tree works.

Everything from property development and renovations, to risk mitigation and environmental preservation, can be helped by the extraction of obstructive or damaged trees. Tree removal is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your home and your community. Trees can become hazardous or obstructive in a number of ways.

Storms are one of the most common causes of damaged and falling trees. However, while many people become conscious of the condition of their trees during or after a strong storm, it is important to be proactive in safeguarding your home. Age, disease, damage and neglect can each lead to the deterioration of a healthy tree and the need to remove it from your property.

Healthy trees too, can cause headaches for homeowners. The root system of a tree can grow up to 12x the length of its branches. This can lead to a whole host of underground issues for your property, from busted pipes to cracked walls and pavement.

Tree Removal in action

Our tree removal process

Trees come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and locations. As such, our removal process must be adaptable to whatever circumstance that may come our way. From climbing and dismembering trees, to using a crane to extract them from difficult locations, we have the tools and the experience to deal with any challenge.

For a job dealing with large mature trees, we generally use a team of four tree removalists. This team will consist of a climber, a backup climber in case of emergencies and two more ground crew. Our team can normally take these large trees apart and remove them from a property within 1-2 hours.

  1. The team will conduct an onsite safety check to identify and plan for any nearby obstacles or hazards before commencing the job
  2. The climber will scale the tree and set up his lines
  3. Once the lines are set, the climber will use a chainsaw to slowly dismantle the tree, piece by piece, lowering the segments down to the ground crew
  4. The team on the ground will remove the green waste from the site, wood-chipping any of the larger pieces
  5. Once all branches and canopy have been removed, the climber will either dismantle the trunk from the top down, or – depending on the available space – descend so the crew can fell the entire tree
  6. The remaining green waste is then broken down by the wood chipper and removed from the property
  7. The crew conduct a final sweep of the property to ensure it is left in as good, or better condition than when we started the job

Tree Services FAQs

A job removing a medium-sized tree typically costs between $600 and $800. A large, mature tree will cost anywhere from $1500 to remove, depending on the size and circumstance.

A tree removal job is a premium service because it is dangerous work that requires qualified expertise, extra staff, equipment and insurance. The price of tree removal includes the cost of a skilled team, industrial tools, full insurance coverage, essential safety training, onsite safety measures and a final cleanup of the site. While many services will offer discount rates by cutting some of these important elements, we provide a premium service without compromising the best interests of our clients, the condition of their property and the safety of our crew.

The need for a professional tree removal service stems from the same reasons it is a premium service – it is dangerous and technical work that requires the right training, team, insurance and equipment. While we do offer wood-chipping services for those who wish to cut down their own trees, we highly recommend the use of a licensed Arborist to avoid personal and public safety risks.

Whether you need a permit to cut down your private tree depends on your location, the type of tree and the reasons for removing it. For guidelines on pruning and removing private trees throughout Victoria, visit our library for region-specific advice.

The financial penalties for damaging or destroying a protected tree without a permit can be steep. We encourage anyone considering significant work on their private trees to first check with their local council to ensure no laws will be violated in the process of the job.

Tree and Stump Removal

Stump removal is an important element of removing a tree that can often be forgotten. If a tree stump is left to rot, it can bring in unwanted rodents, infestations and disease. The root system of a dead tree can live on through the stump and continue to expand. The resilient roots will divert precious water and nutrients in the soil away from the rest of your garden in order to support the undead root system. In addition to depriving the rest of your plants of essential resources, the aggressive roots can push up through the soil and cause cracks in pavement and walls.

As you can see, it is highly recommended that you think about stump removal when considering a tree removal job. We offer stump grinding and stump removal services with all of our tree works. The most efficient and sustainable form of stump removal is stump grinding. A stump grinder is a large machine with circular blades fitted with tungsten teeth that can tear apart the wood and grind down the stump. This is preferable to poison, which can soak into the soil and hurt the chemical balance of your soil. It is also a superior method to a complete stump extraction. Stump removal jobs that rip the roots from the ground will generally have a much greater impact on the land. As the roots can grow far beyond the branches of the tree, stump extraction is an unnecessarily harmful strategy that requires more effort and time.

In order to safely remove, tree stumps must be ground down through a stump grinder to the level of the soil or below. Cutting off the roots from the stump will eventually kill off the rest of the growth without the need to dig up the entire yard. Professional tree services like this are far cheaper when bundled together. Instead of paying for a stump removal job separately, speak with our friendly arborists about including the extra service in your free quote. For more information, contact us and speak with our friendly customer service team on 131546.

Other Tree Services

Tree Pruning

If you want to protect your tree from the need to remove, the tree should be professionally pruned, shaped and lopped. Tree pruning trims away the dead and dying growth and promotes healthy new growth. This is invaluable when it comes to storm preparedness. Regular tree services like this can drastically reduce the chances of falling branches or complete structural failure in the event of heavy winds. Regular assistance from an Arborist in pruning and shaping your tree can help to extend its life and keep it looking its best. A consistent schedule for pruning can make sure that your private tree remains beautiful, healthy and safe.

Arborist Reports

This type of job is helpful for a wide range of situations. Renovations, property development, landscaping proposals and property evaluations can each require professional arborists reports to assist in the process. Analysing the health and wellbeing of a tree can be important for public liability, sustainability reports and tree removal applications. Before you consider engaging with tree removal services, we highly recommend that you first hire a professional arborist for a simple heath assessment job. If the tree is healthy enough to save, or unsafe enough to be urgent, this job can save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Even if you don’t plan on a tree removal job, an Arborist report can provide a good indication of the health of your tree and provide clear recommendations of how best to protect its health. This active intervention can lead to the early identification of diseases, infestations or structural damage. Early diagnosis of any of these types of problems can significantly increase the chances of a good outcome. These sorts of tree services can save you money in the long run.

Power Line Clearance Services

Trimming back canopies and lopping branches that overhang power lines is part of a responsible tree management plan. Overgrowth near electricity lines can be a fire hazard, a risk to your tree and a danger to the local community. Even close proximity to the source of electricity can be risky in the case of strong winds. For these reasons we highly recommend that you engage our tree services to help keep your trees, and your neighbourhood, safe. This type of work is fast, efficient, affordable and invaluable in the long run. There is no excuse for allowing your trees to become dangerous to the wider community through negligence. If your trees are at risk of interfering with power lines, get in contact with us today.

Professional Storm Cleanup Services

If a storm has already ripped through your community and left a path of destruction in its wake, then contact our team to help with the clean up. Our storm cleanup service can have your streets clear and ready to use again in no time. As our team are experienced and well equipped, they can handle any sized debris from a storm. Whether there are fallen branches or fallen trees, our crews can have the place looking great in no time. This service includes wood chipping the debris, green waste transportation and disposal.

Council Works

Our tree services help everyone, from private residents to local councils. We help councils to maintain their tree populations, plant new saplings and remove dangerous trees. Council works are any type of tree works that fall under the authority of a local council. While most councils will have a specific arborist or arborists that they work with, Jim’s has always been committed to making our professional tree services accessible to all.

Emergency Tree Removal

We provide storm damage cleanup and emergency assistance to help keep you and your family safe. We have the tools and the experience to help you with everything from proactive measures like arborist reports and power line clearance pruning, to post-storm cleanup and emergency tree removal. If your trees have been impacted by a storm, or you are worried they may be a risk during turbulent winds, give us a call today to help keep your trees safe and secure.

Our Difference

With teams located all over Australia, we can offer tree removal services in Melbourne , Sydney , BrisbaneGold CoastAdelaidePerth and everywhere else. This is part of our mission to ensure that everybody has access to quality, professional arborist services.

We know using local businesses is as important as ever – and we’re part of your communities. Our strength is in combining our vast national network with local professionals. Our arborists have the support of our whole franchise but the knowledge and experience of your next door neighbour – because they probably are! Commitment to community building needs to start from the grassroots. By supporting local professionals we ensure that local trees, local neighbourhoods and local communities thrive – think of us as your “Tree removal near me“!.

See our locations page for the full list of areas that we provide tree removal services. If you have been thinking about maintaining or removing a private tree, we highly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. Our services are fast, friendly and affordable. The sooner we can get started on the job, the sooner you can return to enjoying your beautiful trees.

Jim’s Trees is everywhere

With teams located all over Australia, we can offer tree removal services in Melbourne , Sydney , BrisbaneGold CoastAdelaidePerth and everywhere else.

We know using local businesses is an important as ever – and we’re part of your communities.

See our locations page for a full list of areas we provide Tree removal services.