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Tree Removal Services

Efficient, safe and quality tree removal is a service in high demand. Everything from property development and renovations, to risk mitigation and environmental preservation can be helped by the extraction of obstructive or damaged trees.

Tree removal is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your home and your community. Trees can become hazardous or obstructive in a number of ways.

Storms are one of the most common causes of damaged and falling trees. However, while many people become conscious of the condition of their trees during or after a strong storm, it is important to be proactive in safeguarding your home. Age, disease, damage and neglect can each lead to the deterioration of a healthy tree and the need to remove it from your property.

Healthy trees too, can cause headaches for homeowners. The root system of a tree can grow up to 12x the length of its branches. This can lead to a whole host of underground issues for your property, from busted pipes to cracked walls and pavement.

Our Process

Trees come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and locations. As such, our removal process must be adaptable to whatever circumstance may come our way. From climbing and dismembering trees, to using a crane to extract them from difficult locations; we have the tools and the experience to deal with any challenge.

For large mature trees, we generally use a team of four people. This team will consist of a climber, a backup climber in case of emergencies and two more ground crew. Our team can normally take these large trees apart and remove them from a property within 1-2 hours.

  1. The team will conduct an onsite safety check to identify and plan for any nearby obstacles or hazards
  2. The climber will scale the tree and set up his lines
  3. Once the lines are set, the climber will use a chainsaw to slowly dismantle the tree, piece by piece, lowering the segments down to the ground crew
  4. The team on the ground will remove the green waste from the site, wood-chipping any of the larger pieces
  5. Once all branches and canopy have been removed, the climber will either dismantle the trunk from the top down, or – depending on the available space – descend so the crew can fell the entire tree
  6. The remaining green waste is then broken down by the woodchipper and removed from the property
  7. The crew conduct a final sweep of the property to ensure it is left in as good, or better condition than it started

Featured Project – Tackling a Cypress Tree in Geelong

Aborist at the top of a tree admiring his workFrom the top of a Cypress Tree in Geelong, one of our lead climbers holds his lowering rope and assesses his work.

He has just removed the Cypress’ many massive branches with his climbing chainsaw, which now hangs several feet below him, safely attached to aline.

The climber wears a helmet for safety and a pair of climbing spikes to help him grip to the trunk of the tree. These spikes are perfect for manoeuvring about a tree that is to be removed, but not for healthy trees as it can cause damage and introduce disease.

The climber will now work with his climbing crew to remove the rest of the tree, cutting sections off the top and lowering them to his team. Once the tree has been fully disassembled, the crew will woodchip the large sections and remove all waste from the property.


Removing a medium-sized tree typically costs between $600 and $800. A large, mature tree will cost anywhere from $1500 to remove, depending on the size and circumstance.

Tree removal is a premium service because it is dangerous work that requires qualified expertise, extra staff, equipment and insurance. The price of tree removal includes the cost of a skilled team, industrial tools, full insurance coverage, essential safety training, onsite safety measures and a final cleanup of the site. While many services will offer discount rates by cutting some of these important elements, we provide a premium service without compromising the best interests of our clients, the condition of their property and the safety of our crew.

The need for a professional tree removal service stems from the same reasons it is a premium service – it is dangerous and technical work that requires the right training, team, insurance and equipment. While we do offer wood-chipping services for those who wish to cut down their own trees, we highly recommend the use of a licenced Arborist to avoid personal and public safety risks.

Whether you need a permit to cut down your private tree depends on your location, the type of tree and the reasons for removing it. For guidelines on pruning and removing private trees throughout Victoria, visit our library for region-specific advice.

The financial penalties for damaging or destroying a protected tree without a permit can be steep. We encourage anyone considering significant work on their private trees to first check with their local council to ensure no laws will be violated.

Our Difference

Tree removal is a dangerous, specialty service. We know that customers don’t want to take shortcuts when it comes to the safety of their home and the condition of their property. That’s why we invest time and resources into every aspect of the service we provide, allowing us to offer customers a premium service with the greatest insurance coverage, the best industry equipment, the most thorough safety and training programs and a team equipped to help you.

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