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Trust & Quality

The secret to our success is putting customer service above all else. Treating customers with respect, listening to their needs and doing everything we can to help them with those needs is the foundation of our business. Only through this process of delivering high quality results with friendly service have we been able to build the trust of the community. It is this trust that has resulted in our ever-growing list of returning customers. 

There are no shortcuts to delivering a quality service and earning the trust of our customers. They take hard work, training, experience and listening to the needs and feedback of our customers. Every new job is an opportunity to prove the quality of our service and to earn the trust of another member of the public. Every returning customer is a chance for us to improve on our record. This is our core mission and the simple reason that we are the best tree service company in Australia.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Very few companies can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because very few are able to deliver on that promise. We are able to do this because we strive for incredible service. We will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with the service we provide. We value your feedback, so if you aren’t 100% satisfied, please tell us how we can improve. 

We now have so many avenues for you to get in touch. So if you wish to tell us how we can improve, reach out to us in person, via email or through our phone line – which is now open 7 days a week. 

We also love to hear when we’ve met your expectations or exceeded them. So if you’re happy with your service and want to let us know, please let us know and give us a 5-star review on google so that our team know they’re doing the right thing. 

Our Values

While customer service remains our top priority, we believe in a set of values that is in line with providing the highest quality service to the community. Our values include:


The safety of our customers, our team and the public are always our number 1 concern. That’s why our crews have the best safety training in the industry and are kept up to date with best industry practices. In addition, we start every job with a safety assessment and ensure no one can come into hazardous zones during the process of our work. Our teams are also equipped with the best industry safety equipment to ensure they are protected against the dangers of the job. 


While our teams are made up of local members of your community, we also believe in upholding a high standard of professionalism. Everything from the first phone call, to the onsite quote and work is done with the highest standards. We believe in treating everyone with respect and upholding the integrity of our brand. 


We don’t just cut down trees, we maintain them, nurture them and have great respect for the environment. The work we do is in line with all Australian pruning standards of sustainability. When we remove a tree, we ensure that it is done with the least impact to the surrounding environment to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem. Our Arborists are highly trained and qualified in horticultural fields, so their advice is always given to best protect the delicate balance of the local ecosystem. 


The horticultural advice that we give and the quotes that we provide are always done in an honest and upfront manner. We don’t believe in hidden fees and ambiguity when it comes to dealing with our customers. Honesty and integrity are central values of the Jim’s brand. 

What To Expect From Our Service

When you employ the services of Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal, there are a number of things that you can expect. High quality tree service and great customer service are key objectives of every job. This includes our franchisees turning up on time, because we respect your time. You can also expect a high standard of professionalism, which includes wearing a full uniform, being prepared for the job and treating everyone with respect. 

The Jim’s Difference

We are an international franchise network made up of local business owners. This means that we combine the resources and tools of a global brand, with the customer service and treatment of local teams. We believe that this is the difference in Jim’s and the reason we can provide you with the best customer experience. To try out the Jim’s difference today, give us a call on 131546 or fill out an online quote form on our website.

What our customers say.

After nearly 30 years in the finance industry, it was certainly time to try something a little different. With a passion to spend more time with the family, and a want to make decisions that impacted on us only, we decided to look for a small business that would suit our wish for a change in lifestyle.

It ticked all the boxes for me. Flexible working hours, outdoors, physical work (but not too physical) I am more motivated now than I ever was when I was an employee, and could not imagine going back to working for someone else. Jim’s Pool Care has given me an opportunity to grow in so many ways.

It has been the best decision ever, thanks to my Franchisor and a great support network! My business has extended from carpet cleaning to upholstery, drapes, duct cleaning, stain removal, carpet protection, and tile and grout cleaning, Shortly I will take on strip and seal vinyl flooring.