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Tree and Stump Removal in Services in Tasmania

Tasmania is home to some of the most beautiful trees in the world. In addition to its dense rainforests, the Huon Pine Trees of Western Tasmania are the oldest trees in Australia and some of the oldest living organisms on the planet. The stunning natural environment is unsurprising considering Tasmanians breathe the world’s cleanest air

That’s why Tasmanians have come to expect the highest quality professional care for their trees. Preserving and protecting Tasmanian trees is a priority for all of our Arborists. Part of maintaining a healthy tree population includes cutting down and removing trees that have become dangerous through age, disease or damage. Our experts can help you to identify the trees that pose a threat to you and the community. Removing hazardous trees is not only essential for ensuring your safety, but it creates space for new saplings to grow. 

Services provided in Tasmania

Tasmania experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year, though the weather conditions can vary dramatically day to day. Despite Tasmania’s climate, Hobart is the second-driest capital city in Australia, beaten only by Adelaide.

To help keep your trees healthy, safe and resilient in all conditions, our local Arborists provide a full range of services:

Common Trees in Tasmania

Throughout Hobart Eucalyptus trees are the most abundant genera of tree, with 40 different species of Gum Trees making up 8.5% of the total tree population. The trees that our Arborists encounter most often in Hobart are:

  • White Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis)
  • Variegated Elm (Ulmus minor ‘Variegata’)
  • Bhutan Cypress (Cupressus torulosa)
  • European Linden or ‘Common Lime’ (Tilea x europaea)
  • Plane Tree (Platanus x hispanica)
  • English Oak (Quercus robur)
  • English Elm (Ulmus procera)
  • Small-Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata)

Areas we service in Tasmania


The cost of tree services is dependent on the number of people necessary to ensure the job can be done safely, the amount of time it takes, the type of machinery that is required and the difficulty of access to the site. For these reasons, it is important to speak with a specialist for an accurate quote as the cost of each service can vary depending on the conditions.   

Tree removal: From $600 for a medium sized tree and from $1500 for a large 

Tree pruning: From $600 for a medium tree and from $1500 for a large tree

Tree wood chipping: From $800 for a large pile

Palm Tree removal: From $1500

It is always a good idea to contact your local council before commencing any significant treeworks. Tree protection laws are enforced on a local government level. Each council has their own rules and procedures for permits that may be distinct from neighbouring municipalities.  

Every job done by Jim’s Trees is covered by our industry-leading $10 million insurance policy. We don’t take risks with your property or our safety, so we take the uncertainty out of the equation with our comprehensive coverage.

We sell fresh, organic wood chip mulch that is locally sourced and untreated with chemicals.

We offer woodchipping and green waste disposal in addition to our full range of tree services.