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Tree Pruning Services

What is tree pruning?

Tree Pruning is an important service incorporating many different elements; trimming, shaping, clipping, cutting back, weight reduction and weight distribution. Pruning helps a tree to stay healthy. Dead branches and foliage are stripped away to remove any excess weight. This process clears the way for new growth.

Why tree pruning?

In addition to boosting the health and life expectancy of the tree, pruning is an important means of mitigating risk. By removing overweight branches, pruning prevents trees from becoming imbalanced. This strategy of evenly distributing the weight throughout the structure of the tree significantly decreases the chances of a branch snapping, or a storm bringing the whole tree down.

Our Process

All trees require regular pruning to keep them healthy, safe and looking good. Some types of trees, like hedges, will require pruning as often as twice annually. Large mature trees may only need to be pruned every couple of years to keep their canopy well-shaped and their heavy long limbs structurally secure. If you’re unsure whether your tree needs a prune, contact a qualified arborist to have the health of your tree assessed. 

The process of pruning a tree varies considerably depending on the species of tree, the size, the condition, the location and the surrounding hazards. For small trees and hedges our team are able to work quickly and efficiently using essential tools like secateurs, hand saws, hedge trimmers and a ladder to carefully shape the foliage and remove excess weight. 

For large trees the process requires a lot more thought for safety and care. Usually a team of three or four will be needed to ensure there is a climber, a ground crew and a backup climber in case of emergencies. 

  1. The team will perform a safety analysis of the site to identify any hazards and plan their job accordingly
  2. The lead climber will then ascend the tree; in the case of pruning, our climbers will not use climbing spikes as it can damage a healthy tree and increase the risk of disease 
  3. The climber will then secure his safety lines and prepare the rope to lower branches. 
  4. Once these are ready, the climber will use a climbing saw and a hand saw to begin clipping excess sticks and leaves, lopping overweight branches and shaping the canopy
  5. As the climber removes large pieces they will attach them to a rope and lower them down to the ground crew
  6. The team on the ground will remove the green waste from the site, wood-chipping any of the larger pieces
  7. The remaining green waste is then broken down by the wood chipper and removed from the property

Featured Project – Pruning a large Eucalyptus in Geelong

From one of the upper forks of a large Eucalyptus Tree in Geelong, one of our climbers assesses the condition of the tree.

His safety rope can be seen at the bottom of the photo to the left of the tree’s trunk. The climber wears a helmet for safety, but is not using climbing spikes as that could potentially damage this otherwise healthy tree.

At the bottom of the tree, outside the frame of the photo, the climber has a ground crew supporting him. His team helps to dispose of the waste that he lowers down.

With him the climber has a climbing saw and a hand saw to remove any dead, dying or overweight branches that could be detrimental to the health of the tree, or a hazard to pedestrians below.

The pruning process of a tree this size can take longer than removing it as the climber needs to carefully assess which sections to remove without damaging the rest of the tree. For a complete pruning service of a large Gumtree like this, the climber may be up there for several hours, carefully working his way from branch to branch.


Pruning can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a whole day, depending on a range of factors like size, condition and species. A small garden tree may need just a few quick clips to remove any dead sections, while a hedge will require careful precision to ensure the uniformity of the foliage. A large canopy tree can take anywhere from a few hours upwards. For a little more info on how long it takes see our guide.

The cost of pruning will vary according to the scale of the job and the nature of the pruning required. A small tree will cost a lot less than a large canopy tree due to the amount of time, people, equipment and safety precautions needed. Pruning a very large mature tree can cost anywhere from $1500 upwards.

Tree pruning can alleviate many issues associated with trees, including safety risks, declining health, leaf litter and weight imbalances. If any of these things have become an issue for you or your home, you should consider having your trees pruned. An arborist can provide a health assessment and give you an idea of how often you should be pruning your tree, but ultimately it should be done as much as necessary to keep your tree healthy, safe and looking good.

For a guide on how to do some smaller tree pruning yourself – see our full guide.

Tree pruning boosts the health and growth of a tree by removing dead, damaged or diseased branches; preventing them from spreading throughout the tree and allowing new growth to emerge. The removal of dead branches increases the airflow and sun exposure for the tree, allowing it to absorb more nutrients. For more information on why we should prune trees – check out our full post.

Tree trimming is the minor reduction to the length of leaves and branches. Tree pruning is much broader, incorporating all aspects of the tree maintenance process like shaping, weight distribution, trimming and lopping.

Our Difference

Many tree services will happily charge you a discounted rate, then proceed to give a rushed haircut to your beloved trees and be on their way. Our Arborists are qualified and trained to provide quality health assessments and quality pruning services that will benefit the long term health and prosperity of your trees. We also won’t leave you waiting or to clean up the mess. Our teams arrive on time, in uniform and ready to cater their service to your needs. We offer a full cleanup for all of our jobs, full insurance coverage for your property and the assurance that our specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service.