The most common large trees in Australia

Australia is home to a diverse range of trees, both native and introduced. However, when it comes to thinking of trees with impressive heights, North America and their iconic Redwoods often spring to mind. But the Australian Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) is the second tallest growing tree species in the world.  Australia has various large […]

Gum Trees

Gum Trees are a species of tree that are indigenous to Australia and very common to find in many backyards all around Australian (And very common in Victoria and NSW. There are generally 12 different varieties and they are called ‘Gum’ trees due to the thick sap that oozes out of the trunk when they […]


Tree Removal & Pruning Guidelines in the Gold Coast Council

Gold Coast City Council | Tree Removal Guidelines Pruning leaves, lopping branches and removing trees are all necessary parts of caring for your private trees and the wider ecosystem on the Gold Coast. Trimming overgrown leaves and branches promotes healthy growth. Lopping overweight branches reduces the risk of your tree becoming a hazard during high […]


Tree Removal & Pruning Guidelines in the Brisbane City Council

Before you undertake any significant work on your private trees within the Brisbane City Council region, you may need to apply for a permit from the Council. These permits are a form of local tree protections that are intended to preserve the urban forest and protect trees of significant value to the community.  While these […]


Tree Removal & Pruning Guidelines in the Sydney City Council

It is important to understand the council regulations for pruning and removing trees in the Sydney City Council. Knowing how to navigate these local laws will enable you to care for your private trees without putting yourself at risk of heavy fines.  Pruning your trees is the best way to keep them healthy and prevent […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Nillumbik Council

Why Prune Your Trees? Tree removal and pruning practices are heavily regulated in the Nillumbik Council and for that reason all residents should familiarise themselves with the local laws before thinking about cutting down or trimming their private trees. However, these practices remain an important part of preserving the health and sustainability of the local […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Hume Council

Lopping, chopping, cutting, trimming, shaping, extracting & felling – there are plenty of different terms we use, but however you choose to say it, smart tree care is the cornerstone of a healthy ecosystem and a safe community. Below we have outlined the key reasons why tree pruning and removals are beneficial for your home […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Whittlesea Council

Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Whittlesea Council Trees that are well maintained, through pruning, shaping and tactical lopping, provide a broad range of benefits for the community. Healthy trees look good, contribute to the leafy green character of a region, increase property value and even improve mental health and wellbeing, according to research. […]

Geelong Tree Services: Everything from Tree Removal to Garden Mulch

The Geelong Team What We Do Removal Preservation and maintenance of trees is always a priority for us, however, in certain circumstances, a complete removal is necessary. Sick, damaged or obstructive trees can be a financial burden and in some cases a serious public hazard. Trees that are too close to houses, walls or paths […]


Tree Pruning & Removal Guidelines for the Maroondah Council

Guidelines for Pruning & Removing Trees in Maroondah The importance of keeping a healthy tree population is great in Maroondah where there are an estimated 70,000 street trees and more than 750,000 others spread across parks and reserves. In addition to looking good, trees provide a community with a range of unique benefits. These trees […]