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Hedge Trimming

A well-maintained hedge can provide privacy, security and a beautiful frame to your property. One that has been ignored will grow unruly, out of shape and become an eyesore for the neighbourhood. The key to fostering a healthy and robust hedge is regular maintenance, pruning and shaping. The gardening services we offer include trimming and maintenance of garden hedges, shrubs, bushes and fruit trees on private and commercial properties.

Our hedge trimmers are highly qualified, experienced and armed with industry-leading equipment and machinery. Every job we do is fully insured and has public liability cover up to $10 million to protect against unforeseen damage, whether we’re servicing trees or your garden. We offer an obligation-free quote for every one of our hedge and tree services so that you can enquire without commitments. Contact us through our online quote request form or call us on 131 546 to speak with our team about our hedge trimming and garden maintenance services.

Through years of experience in the field our hedge trimming professionals have gained the right knowledge and skills to give your hedges the best possible care to promote their health, growth and shape. We recommend using our hedge trimming services in Melbourne or wherever you are in Australia early in the life of your hedge to ensure that it is in the best shape and condition for long term growth. The trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs should be a central part of how you care for your garden. One of the common mistakes made by hedge owners is infrequent watering and pruning. Hedges need regular care to encourage the growth of their plants and to ensure the removal of dying or stunted branches.

Hedge Pruning Service

All of our hedge, gardens and tree services come with free quotes and comprehensive insurance coverage. Our crews in the field have the best industry training, equipment and skills to make sure that you can get the most value out of our services and your gardens. Our pruning services don’t just involve the work on your property, but also includes the cleanup and green waste disposal. Our arborists are armed with the horticultural expertise to help you see beyond maintenance and onto fostering a thriving ecosystem on your property.

Hedge Trimming FAQs

How much does hedge trimming cost?

The price of hedging services varies widely as there is a huge variety in the size, length, condition and species of hedges – just to name a few factors! As such it can require different tools, different sized teams and different processes for each hedging job. Depending on the size of the hedge and the difficulty of the work, hedging can cost anywhere up to $1500 per job. For more details and a more exact quote for your next hedging job, contact our team who will happily provide you with a free quote. You can easily apply for a quote by contacting us on 131546 or filling out the online quote request form on our website.

When is the optimal time of year to trim hedges?

Our team of gardeners advise that late winter is the optimal time of year for any significant trimming of most garden varieties of hedges. This is to allow the pruning process to take place before the buds on the plants have had the chance to bloom. By trimming and shaping your hedge before the buds have opened, you conserve the plant’s energy for blossoming only those parts of the plant that you wish to keep. While the time of year is important for any large pruning and shaping work, minor trimming and maintenance can occur any time of year to help improve the look and health of your hedges.

What is the best way to trim a hedge?

Distinct from pruning trees, there are a number of factors to consider in order to get the optimal result from trimming hedges on your property. The first is the tools you use for the job: hedge clippers or power trimmers are highly recommended. These specially-designed hedge tools enable a cleaner and more consistent cut than shears or garden scissors. The next factor to consider is shape. A proper service should result in the bottom of the hedge being wider than the top to allow light to reach the bottom branches and plants. The final factor to keep in mind is density. The more dense the branches and plants are, the less sunlight will be able to get through. In order to help your tree look good and grow well, make sure you reduce the density to allow air and sunlight through.

The Jim’s Trees Difference

Wherever you are across the country, from Brisbane to Melbourne, hedge care is never far away. We have more locations than ever before to meet our growing list of happy and returning customers. We believe that our growth is thanks to our hard work in the field, our wide range of tree services we offer and our dedication to the customer experience. The Jim’s name is the trusted name in trees because we go the extra mile and care about the details. We use the best equipment to help properties all around Australia with their trees and gardens. If you’re in need of any of our excellent tree services, contact us today. We provide free quotes and are happy to discuss the details with you over the phone or on-site.