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Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping is the process of breaking down large segments of wood into much smaller pieces with a portable machine called a chipper. This valuable service allows us to recycle the wood from fallen trees and branches. Instead of sending this green waste to the tip, we convert the untreated wood into premium organic mulch for residential and commercial gardens. Quality mulch provides a range of benefits to the health and prosperity of your garden by:

  • Conserving moisture
  • Reducing weed growth
  • Improving the soil’s health and productivity
  • Supplying precious nutrients to the soil
  • Enhancing the natural beauty of the area
  • Helping to prevent soil compaction

Our Word Chipping Process

Wood chipping is an essential part of many of the services we provide, allowing us to break down green waste created from pruning, lopping and removing trees. Some customers prefer to do their own pruning, or have green waste already on their property that they wish to be removed. For these clients we offer wood chipping as a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly green waste solution. Wood chipping is quicker and easier than transporting the green waste to the tip.

For a large pile of wood and general green waste – which may include the offcuts of a pruning service, a number of small trees or a large, mature tree – it will generally take a team of two or three crew members approximately an hour to completely wood chip. The team will work together to break the pile into smaller segments, using a saw to deal with forks in the branches and feeding the pieces into the chipper.

Featured Project

In South-East Melbourne our crew manage a limited-access location in order to remove a tree, grind down three stumps and wood chip the green waste. This job was completed in 45 minutes.

The team work together to cut the tree into small enough pieces that they can be fed through the chipper, which has been backed up to the entry point of the limited-access site.

Cones have been used on the street to warn traffic and pedestrians of the ongoing work to ensure no person accidentally enters through a hazardous zone.


Mulch is a broad term that refers to any material that is layered on top of the soil around plants. It is a process used to help promote growth and increase plant health; helping to regulate temperature, encourage microorganisms to grow and reduce soil compaction – among a wide range of other benefits.

Wood chips are a type of mulch created from broken down wood and bark. Wood chips are a particularly robust and effective form of mulch that is especially beneficial when used on perennial plants, fruiting species and trees – though wood chips can be beneficial to most varieties of gardens.

We use industry-leading tools and machinery for all of our services, this includes our top of the line chippers. While our chippers can chew through branches and trees with incredible speed, they are restricted by the size of the wood. Our team needs to break down the green waste into manageable segments and feed it through the machine. For a small tree or pile of branches, this can be done within minutes, while a large tree may take up to an hour.

For a large pile requiring a chipper and crew, this service can cost up to $800. Speak with our team for an obligation-free quote to discuss options for bundling a wood chipping service with any of our other services to get access to discount rates.

Mulching is generally recommended at least twice annually, however it is dependent on the types of plants you have and the conditions they are exposed to. If you are unsure of when and how often to use mulch, speak with our specialists who can give you recommendations based on your specific needs.

Our Difference

We bring our industry-leading portable chipper along to each job to help breakdown green waste created during the process of any of our services. This means that we have a constant supply of fresh, organic wood chip mulch that we create from natural, untreated wood sources. As such, we offer huge discounts to customers buying in bulk. Our wood chip mulch is better than generic mulch bought from the hardware store because it is free of chemicals, organic and locally-sourced, making it the perfect fuel for your garden.