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Professional Arborists Reports

Arborist Reports

Getting an arborist report has never been easier. With our network of friendly tree care professionals all across Melbourne and Australia, we can connect you with a qualified arborist fast. Whether you need an arborist report to get a council law permit for the removal of trees or for a planning permit for your next construction project, we can help streamline the process for you.

Our crews have the qualifications and experience to provide comprehensive tree reports, pro arborist reports, tree health inspections, bushfire management plans and tree risk assessments. With our call centre open seven days a week and our online quote request form available 24/7 there are now more ways to get in touch than ever before. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote for your next arborist report.

What is an arborist report?

An arborist report is a detailed document outlining the health, hazards, value and life expectancy of an individual tree. There are many uses for a professional tree inspection and report. The principal purpose of an arborist report is to provide an official and verified analysis of the type and condition of trees for the purposes of planning, construction and land management. Arborist reports help councils to make decisions on whether to grant tree removal permits. They also help councils to draft tree protection laws, determine how best to manage council land and to identify trees that could pose a risk to the local community.

Arborist reports can vary in their length and details, but at a minimum will include the following:

  • Species
  • Size (height and breadth)
  • Health and structure
  • Age
  • Origin (native / non-native)
  • D.B.H (diameter at breast height)
  • T.P.Z (Tree Protection Zone)
  • S.R.Z (Structural Root Zone)
  • Arboricultural rating (the retention value)
  • S.U.L.E (safe useful life expectancy)

Arborist report vs tree inspection

It should be noted that while these terms may sound interchangeable, there are some important differences between them. An arborist report is a gold standard for official tree report documents. That means it can be used for council applications, building permits, tree removal requests and any other official processes. A tree inspection, however, is generally a cheaper alternative that involves an inspection and analysis of trees but without the official report to accompany it. This can be useful for anyone wanting their trees examined without needing the extra documentation.

Who can provide an arborist report?

There are different levels of arborists depending on the level of qualifications they have achieved. While a Certificate III (3) in arboriculture enables you to become a practising arborist, most official applications and processes will require that arborist reports are done by Certificate IV (5) arborists.

How much does an arborist report cost?

The cost of arborist reports will depend on a number of different factors, including the purpose of the report and information required. Generally speaking, arborist reports will cost between $300 and $500 per tree, with discounts available when multiple trees are being assessed at once.

When do you need an arborist report?

The exact reasons for an arborist report can vary between local councils, cities and states. Throughout Melbourne, the most common reasons for arborist reports are for local council permit applications, building permits, tree management plans and site consultation.

Melbourne council planning permit

Whether you want to prune back the canopy of your private trees or remove them altogether, you will likely need a permit from the council to proceed. Most local council jurisdictions have strict tree protection laws that require permission from the council in order to carry out any substantial tree works. One of the main requirements of these applications is the inclusion of an arborist tree report. This documentation allows the council to make an informed decision as to whether the works can be carried out in line with the council’s tree management strategy.

Building permit

In order to get a building permit, you will need to have the plans approved by the council. As with a planning permit for tree removal, permits for construction require applications accompanied by arborists reports. Qualified arborists are needed to perform a tree assessment for any potential development sites in order to ensure that there are no tree-related risks with a development project on the property.

Tree management plan

Whether its the government, local council or a private resident, everyone needs help taking care of their trees. Arborist reports are an excellent way to begin caring for the health of your tree s. Arborist tree reports provide an experts assessment, advice and recommendations on how best to deal with all the tree-related issues on your property.

Site consultation

Arborist reports are one of the most useful tree services for analysing the potential of your property. The reports of an arborist can help you to identify any kind of issues, from the tree roots to the planning overlays that may restrict your capacity to build. The knowledge of a qualified arborist can provide you with recommendations that will see you get the most value out of your property.

Important elements of arborist reports

Planning overlays

One of the benefits of arborist reports is to reveal which planning overlays are relevant to your property and how they might restrict the activity that can take place. The most common and relevant overlays for the purposes of arborist reports are:

  • Vegetation protection overlay
  • tree protection zones
  • Structural root zone

Tree risk

Tree care becomes a lot easier when you are aware of any risks or hazards posed by your trees. Of all the tree services, arborist reports are the most useful for identifying any potential risks and providing clear recommendations for how best to proceed.

Tree management plans

In order for a Melbourne arborist to provide informed tree care recommendations, they need to first inspect your trees. By getting an arborist report of your trees you give them the best chance of thriving. Once an arborist has completed an inspection, they can provide recommendations for management strategies that will help you get the most value out of your trees.

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