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Jim’s Stump & Tree Removal Hobart

Professional tree care in Hobart is more accessible and reliable than ever with our Tree & Stump Removal crew.

Our team is now the most trusted tree service in Hobart. This is not something that happened overnight. This reputation is a result of years of helping the community, preserving the ecosystem and providing excellent customer service.

We always put the needs of our customers first. That’s why all of our jobs are covered by an industry-leading $10 million insurance policy so that you can rest easy while we work hard. 

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Arborist services we offer

We are trained and equipped to help your trees anywhere through their lifecycle, from planting and protecting, to lopping, removing and wood chipping. Our pruning service helps to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We can take care of any overhanging branches that might be putting your roof and your family at risk. We provide Pro Arborist Reports for those submitting applications to their council or needing a tree assessed for landscaping purposes. 

Dead, dying or obstructive trees can be quickly removed with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. Problematic stumps are no problem for our stump grinder. We then convert green waste into fresh, organic mulch that can promote healthy growth in your garden, helping to sustainably preserve the local ecosystem. 

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal (Stump Grinding)
  • Powerline Clearance
  • Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Canopy Shaping
  • Wood chipping
  • Cleanup & Green Waste Disposal
  • Pro Arborist Reports
  • Hedging
  • Trimming
  • Invasive Species ID
  • Property Design Consulting
  • Tree Planting

Tree Removal & Health Assessments 

Removing trees is an essential part of keeping your home safe and the environment healthy. Trees will deteriorate over the course of their life. As they become sick, old or damaged, they can pose a safety risk to nearby residents and wildlife. Dead branches falling or unstable trees being blown over in a storm can be tragic events. It is important to mitigate these risks with regular health assessments by a qualified Arborist. These check-ups can be lifesaving. Detecting disease or decay in a tree can ensure that unsafe branches are removed before they have a chance to cause serious problems. 

If you need to remove a tree that is sick, dying or obstructive, there is no better team to call. Our experienced crew can safely and efficiently bring down trees of any size. Limited access areas and locations with surrounding hazards like roads are daily tasks for our highly trained team. We put safety before anything else, which is why we begin all our jobs with a job safety assessment (JSA) to identify and prepare for any potential hazards. We are also equipped with the best industry tools and machinery to ensure that our Tree Surgeons are prepared for any challenge.

Tree Pruning & Tree Lopping

If you want to keep your trees alive and healthy as long as possible, then you need to have them regularly pruned. Cutting back dead parts of the tree encourages healthy growth, keeping your tree vibrant and happy. 

Trimming the excess leaves will also reduce the green waste that falls from your tree. This is a blessing for whatever lies below. Gardens and lawns can become suffocated in dead waste that falls from your tree, blocking essential sunlight and nutrients reaching them. Overhanging branches are destructive for roofs. The leaves and waste they drop can block drains, damage tiles and cause expensive bills for homeowners. 

Lopping and pruning are the most effective means of prolonging the life of your trees and keeping them safe. Removing dead leaves, dead branches and overweight branches can help to balance your tree and reduce the chances of falling limbs or falling trees.