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Tree Removal Permit Guide.

If you plan to get rid of a useless tree in your garden or surrounding area, you need to apply for a removal permit at your local council. Read on for a brief Australian tree removal permit guide. A removal certificate is required for the removal or demolition of trees on all residential and non-residential properties, with the exception of certain exempted species as listed by your local council.

Does it sound like a hassle to you? Relax, as fully qualified and trained arborists at Jim’s Trees make the entire process smoother for you.

Depending on where you reside, your local government has its own set of regulations with respect to tree removal. Whether or not you need approval in the first place depends on the size and species and your area of residence.

Certain areas follow zoning laws which prohibit removal, irrespective of its size. Some species may be classified as “protected species” and you cannot get rid of them even if you want to. If you belong to a fire-prone area, any type within 10 meters of your residence may be removed without a permit.

Let us help you with pruning and removal permits

Some local areas also require a permit for pruning specific species. Our expert arborists provide professional pruning services, while ensuring relevant laws and standards are met.

The first step is contacting your local authority or visiting their website. You will find all the relevant information about the categories and trunk sizes of trees which require prior removal permits within your area, with instructions on going about with the application process.

Then, you need to get the tree measured and check the measurements with the current permissible measurement list. It may so happen; you may not even have to apply for a permit.

Jim’s Trees can help speed-up the process. When you decide to take full advantage of our zero-cost, no-obligation quote, we will also offer advice on whether the tree in contention needs a removal permit, and if it does, guide you through the application procedure. If there is paperwork involved, we can get it ready for you.

Our qualified arborist increases your chances of obtaining the permit

If your tree requires a permit, you may also have to submit an arborist report. We offer help at this stage as well: a report by one of our fully licensed arborists greatly improves the probability of obtaining a tree removal permit.

The final step is applying for a tree removal permit via the local council. It may ask you to furnish more information and also charge a fee.

Call us today for your zero-liability, no-obligation quote or get help in obtaining a removal permit from a qualified tree consultant. You can also shoot us an email with all the details and we will contact you promptly.