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Tree Removal North Adelaide

Friendly, Professional Tree Service

We have been helping North Adelaide and its surrounding region with high quality tree care for years. Through our dedication to safe work and excellent customer service we have become North Adelaide’s most trusted Arborists. While we are often referred to as ‘tree loppers’, our team are highly trained in horticulture and offer a full range of tree maintenance services. 

As local members of the community, we are dedicated to preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem. That’s why we always follow sustainable practices, especially when it comes to tree removal, stump removal and woodchipping. We extract dead, damaged and dying trees with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. 

All green waste produced during our work is broken down through our woodchipper. We then recycle and repurpose this organic material as fresh, local wood chip mulch. This mulch is perfect for your garden. It helps it to retain precious moisture and nutrients to help it grow.

Jim's Tree Removal, Pruning, Cutting and Lopping Services

Our Arborist Services

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal (Stump Grinding)
  • Powerline Clearance
  • Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Canopy Shaping
  • Wood chipping
  • Cleanup & Green Waste Disposal
  • Pro Arborist Reports

Pruning With Purpose

The most common work that we do is not tree cutting or tree removal, but pruning. This incorporates many areas of tree maintenance and preservation. Trimming, weight reduction, canopy shaping, weight distribution are all essential parts of keeping your trees safe and healthy.

These pruning strategies serve many purposes. They remove dead leaves and branches, allowing new growth to form. They encourage healthy growth that keeps your tree free of disease. They remove dangerous parts of the tree that could snap and fall during storms or periods of high wind.

Pruning also helps to prevent excess leaves from cluttering your garden, roof and gutters. It prevents branches from becoming overweight. Overweight branches not only pose a risk of falling, but also to the overall balance and structural integrity of your tree.

Not only does pruning keep your tree healthy and safe, but beautiful too. Trees that are regularly pruned can improve the look of your home and your suburb. Healthy trees make happy communities.

The Secret to Healthy Trees

We get asked over and over again what the secret is to healthy, beautiful trees. Well, here it is: early intervention. Don’t wait until your trees start to look sick, drop branches or become dangerous. Hire an Arborist early. This way we can detect early signs of deterioration and work to prevent them.

Early and regular help from an Arborist can drastically increase the lifespan of your trees and reduce the risk of injury, property damage or worse. Pro Arborist Assessments and regular professional pruning is the secret and we can provide.

The Jim’s Difference

We provide all of our franchises with industry-leading training, tools and resources. Our teams are made up of local members of your community who care about preserving the environment and helping to keep the tree population vibrant. The Jim’s difference is combining an internationally successful network with dedicated, experienced and well-trained Arborists.

To experience the Jim’s difference, give us a call today on 131 546.  You can also get a free quote through our online request form