Palm Tree Removal Pricing

Palm tree removal is an important part of preserving a safe and healthy community. While healthy palm trees add value and beauty to a property, an unhealthy palm tree can pose significant risks. The density of the wood, the height of their canopies and the weight of their fruit can all combine to create a dangerous scenario for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves beneath a dying palm. Furthermore, as palm trees deteriorate they begin to shed their leaves and lose their characteristic shine. This process turns them from a beautiful feature into a blight on your property.

When it comes to palm tree removal, it is important to use professional arborists to ensure that it can be done in a safe and sustainable way. The very same qualities that make an unhealthy palm tree dangerous also make palm tree removal a tricky process. Due to the weight and density of the wood, poorly managed branches or an ill-timed felling can result in serious bodily harm. Palms also have deep roots and a spiky exterior to the bark that makes them hard to extract and harder still to manage their green waste sustainably. A professional arborist is trained to assess all these factors in order to create a removal strategy that minimises the risks to people, to property and to the immediate environment. In this article we will cover everything you need to know about palm tree removal. This includes information about palm tree removal cost and frequently asked questions about palm tree removal.

Palm Tree Removal Process

To understand the cost to remove a palm tree it helps to understand the palm tree removal process. This tree removal service takes 2 – 3 hours on average to complete from end to end. While this is an average time, it depends heavily on the circumstances of the tree removal. Some small tree species might be completed much quicker while large trees affected by other factors may take a whole day to carry out safely. When climbing a date palm, coconut palm or other tall slender type of tree, our crews will use climbing spikes to assist their ascent. This equipment would not be used during a palm tree cleaning or maintenance service as it risks hurting the tree’s exterior. For tree removals the spikes add an extra level of safety and control while climbing, especially when there aren’t low hanging branches to help the climber.

Each Palm tree removal job begins with an onsite safety assessment. This process helps to identify any potential hazards. The crew then devise a strategy to remove the palm in the safest way possible with the least harm to the surrounding environment. While cut rate tree services might fell the tree immediately or carelessly drop the branches onto the surrounding garden, our team always makes sure to respect the surrounding environment and property. To do so they use the safety assessment to inform the removal process. Most palm removal services will require a team consisting of a climber, a backup climber in case of emergencies and two ground crew.

Once the safety assessment has been completed and the optimal strategy has been created, the climber will secure his ropes and begin to ascend the tree with the assistance of climbing spikes. The backup climber will keep watch and ensure the ropes are secure. Using a climbing chainsaw, the climber will begin to remove segments of the tree, lowering them down with one of the ropes. The ground crew will then begin work processing the green waste. One of the key challenges with removing a palm tree is disposing of the green waste. Due to the rough, spiky nature of palm tree bark, it is unable to be processed through a wood chipper as you would with most trees. Instead the dense, heavy wood must be transported off site to be processed at another facility. It is this aspect of palm tree removal that adds time and cost to the overall service.

Once the climber has lopped the entire canopy of the palm tree and lowered it down to the ground crew, they will descend the tree and segment parts of the tree as they climb down. With nothing but a stump remaining, the crew will bring in a stump grinder to finish the job.

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Palm Tree Stump Removal

Leaving behind a stump after removing a palm tree is one of the biggest mistakes that residents and tree services can make. While a stump may appear harmless, the rotting wood left in the ground can cause all sorts of issues for your garden and your home. First and foremost there is the opportunity cost of taking up valuable space with a stump that could be used for other purposes. Renovations, garden paths, garden beds or new saplings are all far better options for that piece of land than an ugly rotting stump.

Not only is there an opportunity cost to leaving a stump, but there are also more direct costs that could have negative consequences for your local ecosystem. The root system of the tree will continue to consume valuable moisture and nutrients from the soil, depriving other nearby roots of those life giving resources. These roots can continue to grow, invading other plant space and potentially uprooting paths, destabilising ground and causing cracks in walls and pavement. On top of all of this, old stumps can become a locus for infestation, disease and rodents.

The best way to mitigate these issues is to have the stump removed when the palm tree is removed. All of our crews come equipped with a stump grinder. This ensures they can carry out the tree removal job to completion. The stump grinder using rotating tungsten blades to grind down the wood to below the surface of the soil. From here the roots will die off, preventing the tree stump from causing you further problems as it wears away. Our teams are available for specialist palm tree cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The pricing structure of a palm tree removal service is dependent on the amount of time required and the difficulty of the job. In general for a palm tree removal you can expect to pay between $1500 – $2500 and for the job to take approximately 2 – 3 hours. This is an average cost and time from qualified arborists around Australia. While the cost to remove a palm tree can vary greatly, our arborists are transparent about the removal prices and provide clear details of the removal prices when they do an on-site assessment. For more specific details about how much the palm tree removal cost will be for you, get in touch with us for a free quote.

The estimated time and price for a palm removal are affected by a number of important factors. These include:

  • the tree height
  • palm tree species
  • trunk diameter
  • condition of palm tree
  • location of palm trees
  • proximity to hazards
  • proximity to power lines
  • access to the site
  • front yard or backyard
  • time of year
  • type of terrain
  • weather

Palm Tree Removal FAQs

Why should I remove palm trees?

This is a very common question that our arborists get asked all the time. Residents are understandably resistant to the idea of removing a palm tree. However, if your palm starts to show signs of deterioration – whether it’s through age, sickness or damage – then you should consider contacting a professional arborists to provide a health assessment of your tree. The most obvious reason to remove a palm tree that is showing signs of decay is for safety. A palm tree that has begun to decline can become an imminent threat through the shedding of leaves, fruit, branches and bark. However, a dying palm can be a problem for the local ecosystem too. Not only is the palm tree redirecting valuable moisture and nutrients in the soil that could be used for healthy plants and trees, but a dying tree can become a hotspot for rodents, disease and infestations. Leaving an unhealthy palm tree to rot on your property is ugly, it’s dangerous and it’s a drain on your garden’s natural resources. The sooner you seek help from a certified arborist, the sooner you can get your garden and your property in good condition.

How much does it cost to cut down palm trees?

The average cost of palm tree removal across Australia ranges between $1,500 – $2,500 depending on a wide assortment of factors. These include the tree height, the size of the tree, the palm species, the condition of the palm, the location, and external factors like the level of access to the site and the proximity to power lines. While certain circumstances may necessitate the price to be more or less than this, you can expect to pay somewhere in this range for a standard palm removal.

The Jim’s Difference

We believe that high quality tree service starts with high quality customer service. That’s why we strive to ensure that our tree service takes care of all of your needs. Our palm tree removal price includes an obligation-free quote, $10 million insurance policy, tree removal and green waste disposal. We’re constantly incorporating the feedback from our customers so that we can continue to improve our service for you. The Jim’s difference is combining resources from across Australia with the knowledge and experience of local tree specialists. If you need tree removal services, stump removal or help with your palm trees, get in touch with us today on 131 546 for a free quote.

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