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Brisbane tree removal and lopping services – Your local professionals

Tree care is an essential part of sustaining your tree health, your garden’s ecosystem, the safety of your property and the beauty of your home. Part of tree maintenance, especially with large trees, is tree pruning, lopping and removal when necessary. In the beautiful Queensland climate Brisbane trees thrive. However, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional tree service to ensure your trees are both healthy and safe. A consultant arborist can provide a risk assessment to determine the condition of your tree. This arborist report can help to determine whether your tree may prosper for many more years or whether it would be a safer option to remove the tree.

While we encourage the preservation of trees that are still healthy, trees that have become a danger should be brought down for the protection of public safety and environmental protection. As such, we provide a full tree removal service that is fully insured. We have all the training and equipment to help you from the onsite quote, to lopping branches, felling the tree, wood chipping, stump grinding and green waste disposal.

Fast and friendly Brisbane tree services

Tree removal is rarely something you schedule well ahead of time. Especially if a big storm or strong winds have suddenly damaged the structure of your private tree. It is important that when you call on tree removal services in Brisbane that they can respond quickly to your needs. Whether you need urgent tree lopping, fast tree removal or stump grinding as well, you can count on us. That’s why our Brisbane tree services crew do everything they can to provide a full suite of services and to do so with a smile.

In order for Brisbane trees to be maintained, they need regular attention of a qualified arborist. This includes health assessments, scheduled tree pruning, tree lopping as needed and tree removal when absolutely necessary. The key to keeping your trees happy is to act early and have them serviced regularly. We know that your time is precious, so we ensure we arrive on time, every time and work as efficiently and safely as possible.

100% customer  satisfaction guarantee

We believe that turning up on time, with all of the right equipment and a smile is just as important as the work we do in the tree. Customer service is the foundation of our business and the reason that our list of returning clients is growing every year.

To ensure that every customer has a satisfying experience, we have catered our service to your needs. That’s why you can now contact us for a quote in whatever way suits you. You can speak with our friendly team directly by calling us on 131546. Our call centre is open 7 days a week. If this isn’t your preferred method of communication, you can request a quote with our online request form. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tree lopping servicesOur Tree Surgeons are Tree Lopping and Tree removal experts and equipped and experienced with these issues. Lopping overweight branches, pruning excess foliage, assessing the health of your tree and removing dangerous trees are all part of the repertoire of our tree specialists. It is important to act early when it comes to the health and safety of your trees. Don’t wait until they have become a problem. Treat them well and bring in experts while they are healthy, this will help to preserve their health and prolong their life. 

Our tree services in Brisbane include:

Your local Jim’s Trees can let you know what the requirements are in your local area. For some more information check out our council guides.

Our Tree Surgeons offer the following services:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Lopping
  • Tree Pruning
  • Canopy Shaping
  • Pro Arborist Reports
  • Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Wood chipping
  • Cleanup & Green Waste Disposal
  • Cheap Tree Removal

Ready to get started on your tree care? Give us a call on 131 546 or request a quote online today.

Local professionals helping the Brisbane community

The success of our business relies on the strength of our community connection. Our crew is made up of members of the local Brisbane community who care about preserving the rich native ecosystem. Since its inception, Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal has been working to preserve Brisbane’s healthy tree population and remove those that have become hazardous. By constantly supporting the whole lifecycle of our trees we can ensure that our community remains beautiful, sustainable, healthy and safe.

On the flipside, neglecting your trees can lead to a long list of problems – from the ugly to the dangerous. Trees left without tree lopping and assessment or maintenance can quickly become an eyesore. As their leaves become overgrown, they can block essential sunlight to the plants below, obstruct precious vistas and cause a nightmare for residents left to pick up their droppings.

In addition to these smaller issues, a tree left to overgrow can have their structural integrity compromised. As the leaves build up on the larger branches, the extra weight can put strain on the junction with the trunk, and also act as a sail to the wind. As your trees become imbalanced from their foliage and blown around by the wind, they become a serious health risk to you, nearby residents, passing pedestrians and even wildlife and require serious consideration whether they should be left or lopped.

The Jim’s Trees FAQ

How do you maintain healthy trees?

The protection and prosperity of Brisbane trees relies on the services of qualified arborists as much as the care and attention needed from tree owners. The first step to taking care of your tree is to determine its current condition. This can be done by any tree services in Brisbane with qualified arborists and will help you to identify any underlying health or structural concerns. If the tree is found to be overgrown or imbalanced, tree lopping may be required to remove any oversized branches.

Why remove a tree?

Our professional tree removalists provide fast tree services in Brisbane and the surrounding region. Our philosophy is about making tree loppers and removal services accessible to everyone. A tree can become hazardous through any number of factors, from age and disease to storms and infestations. Once a tree has become unsafe it is important for the residents and the community that we intervene as soon as possible. This can be done through tree lopping of oversized branches or through the complete removal of trees.

Tree removals are a necessary part of the ecosystem but a highly dangerous process. For this reason it is important that you do not attempt any tree removal on your own. Our teams are equipped with the best industry tools, training and qualifications to ensure they can perform a tree removal with the least risk possible.

Does anyone cut trees down for free in Brisbane?

If there is a tree on council land that you believe needs a complete tree removal, you can make a request to the council to have this done. While the council will cover the costs of the tree service, it will not be done for free. If someone offers you a tree removal for free you should be highly sceptical. It is very likely that person is untrained in tree services and lacking the right resources to safely remove tree branches or perform a complete extraction.

NOTE: tree removal and tree lopping of council trees is illegal in Brisbane and can only be done by a trained arborist with the permission of the council. If you would like council trees looked at, contact a Brisbane tree service or your local council to learn more.

How much does it cost to cut down a giant tree in Brisbane?

Brisbane tree services will provide a quote for the cost of removal, tree lopping or stump grinding based on the difficulty, risk and expected duration of the services offered. While we can’t provide you with an exact figure for tree removal Brisbane, we can give you an idea of the expected quote range.

  • Small trees (up to 10 metres): $300 – $3,000
  • Medium trees (10 – 20 metres): $500 – $4,000
  • Giant trees (above 20 metres): $1,200 – $20,000 (depending if cranes, traffic management & electricity shutdowns are required)

Should I remove a tree close to House?

As with most questions about tree services, the answer to this is dependent on the specific circumstances. If the tree close to your house has large, overhanging branches and is a risk of falling, then it should probably be cut down or lopped to reduce risk. The best way to be safe and have peace of mind is to hire a Brisbane arborist to inspect your trees. Of the many services they can provide, health assessments are one of the most valuable for identifying potential hazards and pre-existing conditions.

When should I remove a tree?

If you need to perform a complete tree removal, Brisbane tree services like Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal should be contacted as soon as possible. If you wish to have a tree cut down or relocated due to construction or development, then you should inform us of the building schedule so that we can try to work around your needs. In answer to the question of when to remove a tree, it depends on the circumstances. For more detailed answers relating to your situation, contact our friendly specialists over the phone or online.

The Jim’s Trees difference

Our Brisbane crew have been offering their services to help the local community and keep its trees healthy for over two decades. We are equipped to handle all tree services and happily provide a free quote to Brisbane residents. Whether you want to plant a fresh sapling, purchase organic mulch, prune your healthy trees, assess your private trees or remove your trees, we are ready to help.

We combine our national network with local experts to provide the best possible customer experience. We believe in making high quality, professional arborist services accessible and affordable to everyone. Every job we do is covered by our $10 Million insurance policy to help you have peace of mind. We have the highest safety standards and more stringent safety protocols to protect our team, our customers and the wider community.

If you want to see why our list of returning happy customers is growing each year, get in contact with us today. There are now more way than ever to reach us. So whether you want to pick up the phone and call us, 7 days a week, or fill out our online quote request form, there’s never been a better time to take care of your trees.

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