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Jim’s Tree Removal Brisbane Services

Tree Removal Brisbane

The benefits of planting trees in your lawn or backyard are quite obvious. They make your house look more beautiful, provide clean air to breathe in and even offer flowers or fruits depending on the type you have planted. Trees also act as barriers against damage from the forces of nature. Be it debris carried by strong wind or heavy rain, trees can act as shields for your house, providing superior protection against these agents of destruction. However, the situation completely changes when such a plant snaps at the middle of its trunk in the face of a particularly strong storm, making it necessary to do a bit of pruning from time to time. The following are just some of the dangers that you may have to face in such situations:

  • The trunk and branches of the tree might block the driveway, preventing you from taking the car out.
  • Branches of the fallen tree might smash through one or more windows of your home, covering floors with shattered glass.
  • The trunk of the tree might land on electrical cables, snapping those. This can result in power outages, electrical hazard (especially if it is raining and the cables land on rainwater), or even fire hazard.
  • The remaining stump might cause problems by harbouring termites.  Jim’s stump removal Brisbane services are sure to help prevent these scenarios.

If you face any of the situations mentioned above, then you should immediately get in touch with a company that offers tree services Brisbane. The Brisbane-based branch of Jim’s Trees is always at your service. Give us a call and our tree lopping Brisbane experts will visit your home and take care of removing fallen trees completely. Our tree loppers will clean up once they are finished with their work, ensuring you don’t even have to lift a finger. So, the next time you find our driveway blocked by a fallen tree trunk, do not worry. Pick up the phone and give us a call right away. We will take care of the rest.