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Jim’s Stump and Tree Removal Launceston

When you want a good worker to go hard on your trees, then you can count on our team to give you professional, expert advice on your property. Whether you are a property manager, home owner, or public worker who just needs some extra support getting your hard to reach trees, our team has the tools and man-power to get the most unruly bushes and brushes taken care of. Since many companies don’t deal with certain types of cactus or thorny brushes, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering high-quality work on the hard to trim and prune areas.

This may be as simple as trimming a hedge into a stylish shape, or eradicating a species from the property. Jim’s Tree Services are the stump and tree removal Launceston experts and can get the job done. Give us a call for all your arborist Launceston needs, and get all the details about the various species on location to determine the most harmonic and beautified solution to keep you satisfied all year long.

Speciality Services

Here are some of the arborist Launceston regional services that we offer.

Tree Pruning

We take our tree pruning business serious, and are proud to say that we have some of the best arborists in the business working for us. Our guys can use top-bucket solutions to remove crags, dead-branches, and widow-makers that are hazards. We can safely remove these problematic pieces using ropes and climbing gear if you don’t want large machinery in your yard, or access is not obtainable. These deadly branches that seem to linger in the canopy of the trees are not only an eye-sore, but can create liability problems, so make sure to give us a call and get the best in service working for you.

Stump Grinding

Ever stub your toe on stump? Or have one of the kids run around only to bang a knee or wipeout on a dirty old stump? The problem with stumps is that they seem to last forever, and are terribly difficult to remove if you don’t have the right equipment. You can hack away with an axe with little to no productivity, and try a chainsaw, but chances are good that you will ruin your chain since stumps are so close to the ground. You can try and dig out the stump, but because of complex root systems, once again you may just end up with a tornup lawn.

To get the stump removed professionally, we have a machine called a stump grinder, which is designed to remove stumps by grind them from above, which leaves just a little cleanup once the job is complete. Our team provides this services quick and efficiently, and we are known for our professionalism and cleanliness, so please give us a call and get a free quote on your stump removal today!

Palm Cleaning

Do you love your palm trees? Would you love them even more if they looked freshly manicured? One of our services is known as palm cleaning, which involves removing the dead and nasty looking branches that hang off the side giving it a dilapidated look. Not only do we remove the dead hangers, but we also clean the other palms to create fresh manicured looks to give you the most beautiful looking palms in the neighbourhood.