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Queensland Tree Removal and Lopping Services by Jim’s Trees

Our franchises across Queensland cover the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding regions. We believe the best service is always local, so all of our franchise owners are home-grown specialists who are well acquainted with the region. While Queensland is known for its stunning beaches, incredible nature and tropical weather; Jim’s Trees is known for our fast, friendly and reliable service.  

Tree Removal we provide in Queensland

We know that Queenslanders take immense pride in the natural beauty of their state, that’s why we work hard to keep your trees healthy, safe and looking great. Whatever stage of a tree’s life cycle you are in, we have the skills, the tools and the passion to help. To do this we offer the complete package of tree services: everything from providing the mulch to grow your trees, health assessments to monitor them, maintenance to preserve them, removal to cut down the unwanted ones, stump grinding to clear the space for new growth and wood chipping to recycle green waste back into quality mulch. 

Our Queensland team are equipped to handle any tree requests that come their way, including:

The most common types of Trees we work with in Queensland are:

  1. Gum Trees (Eucalyptus)
  2. Bottlebrushes (Callistemom)
  3. Jacarandas (Jacaranda Minosifolia)
  4. Paperbark/Tea Trees (Melaleuca quinquinervia
  5. Wattles (Acacia)
  6. Revolutions (Melaleuca bracteata)
  7. Pine Trees/Conifers (Pinophyta/Coniferophyta)
  8. She Oaks (Casuarina)
  9. Chinese Elms (Ulmusparvifolia)
  10. Poincianas (Delonixregia)

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The prices for each tree service is dependent on a multitude of factors. The size and species of tree, the accessibility of the site, the type of tools needed, the amount of crew members necessary – all of these elements determine the cost of a job. We put safety and quality above all else, so all of our quotes include insurance coverage and the right amount of crew members necessary to do the work safely. Below we have provided an approximate average cost for each service. To get an accurate quote for your work, fill out our online request form or contact us on 131 546.

  • Tree removal: From $600 for a medium sized tree and from $1500 for a large.
  • Tree pruning: From $600 for a medium tree and from $1500 for a large tree.
  • Tree wood chipping: From $800 for a large pile
  • Palm Tree removal: From $1500

The tree protection laws throughout Queensland are written and enforced by local councils. This means that there are significant variations in the tree controls across the state. To ensure that you do not violate these local laws it is important that you check with your local council and apply for any necessary permits before carrying out any significant tree works.

Yes. We value your home and your assets, that’s why we don’t take any chances. Our industry-leading insurance policy provides you with $10 Million of protection to safeguard your property against any risk of damages or harm.

Yes, we sell premium wood chip mulch that we create from the fresh green waste that we collect daily. The benefits of fresh wood chip mulch are numerous: it is untreated by chemicals, 100% organic, sustainable, fresh and local.

We sure can. Whether you have decided to prune your own trees, your tree has fallen down or you’ve got an unwanted pile of green waste, we can help you. We offer fast, reliable and affordable wood chipping and green waste removal.