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Council Tree Works

Council Works - Two Workers Chainsawing A Big TreeCouncil works are an important part of the work done by arborists around the community. Using their qualifications, tools and training, tree Surgeons help to reduce the risks associated with trees around your neighborhood. Council Works come in many forms, but frequently involve the pruning or removal of trees near power lines in addition to the important cleanup work done by arborists in the wake of storms.

Our Process

Jim’s Trees can help you with:

  • Keeping trees away from power lines through pruning, lopping, removal or relocation
  • Preemptive measures to ensure trees do not encroach on power lines
  • Storm cleanups: including the preparation of trees for storms, maintenance of trees damaged by storms and the clearance of trees felled by storms
  • Assessment of trees for risks associated with power lines, fire safety, storms and other hazards
  • Ensuring all state and local laws are abided by in regards to pruning standards, fire risks and power line clearance zones
  • Assistance with recommendations for proper care, maintenance and removal strategies using scientific arboricultural practices

Featured Project

Below you can see our crew working on a job at a primary school in Frankston.

The team work together to remove dead and dangerous trees over playgrounds and areas where the kids love to play.

The crew use chainsaws and hand saws to cut the tree into small segments. They wear helmets, gloves and protective goggles for safety as they work together on the large sections of trees.

Assisting the guys with the cleanup job is the woodchipper that they have brought onsite with them. This machine will allow the team to convert the green waste from their pruning and removal work into premium, organic mulch.


Council works are any tree works that fall under the jurisdiction of a local council. Councils will often have arborists that they work with regularly, but will also retain the services of other arborists to assist with these jobs.

If your private tree appears to be close to power lines, you should contact an Arborist to discuss your options for pruning, lopping or removing the problem tree. In some cases a simple process of regular pruning will be enough to ensure the tree is clear of the problem, in some circumstances the tree may need to be removed.

If your tree was damaged in a storm, but the damage is not dangerous or life threatening to you or the tree, then contacting an Arborist is the best move. A qualified Arborist can provide a health assessment to help you determine the best course of action.

If your private tree was destroyed by a storm, or left in a critical and dangerous condition, you should contact the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) for urgent assistance. If the issue is not urgent, contact an arborist for further information or advice.

Our Difference

Jim’s are a leader in the tree service industry; providing customers with the highest quality of customer service backed with full insurance coverage, meticulous safety measures, comprehensive training and leading industry tools. Jim’s crews arrive on time, in uniform and ready to help you, help your trees. The difference between Jim’s Trees and the other options on the market is the trust our customers have in us. We deliver high quality results and exceptional tree care because We care about trees and we care about your feedback.