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Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Once you have gone to the hassle of removing your tree, you are then left to deal with the stump. There are two common methods when it comes to stump extraction and disposal, the first being stump grinding and the second stump removal. As trained arborists, we are highly experienced in the disposal of stumps and help Australians with their tree removal and maintenance requirements everyday. Here is why you should get your stump removed and how stump grinding and removal differ. 

Why should you grind or remove stumps?

The stump can be one of the most difficult parts of a tree to remove so it’s not uncommon for many tree removal services or people to not bother attempting to remove it. However, leaving a stump in the ground can create a myriad of problems.

As stumps have extensive root systems, they will continue to seek nutrients and water through the soil keeping the stump alive. This will divert these essential resources away from your other trees and plants. The root systems can also create issues for property owners, disrupting and damaging foundations and underground utilities. 

A stump left to rot tends to attract infestations of rodents, fungi and disease, which can quickly spread to your healthy trees. Removing a stump is the best solution to avoiding any future problems and maintain the health of your garden.

What’s the difference between stump grinding and removal?

While often used interchangeably, stump grinding and removal differ by method, equipment and skill. 

Stump removal tends to refer to poisoning the stump with harsh chemicals and then extracting the whole stump and roots systems. The remaining stump and roots are cut up for easier handling and then disposed of. Stump removal requires significant labour and strength with arborists using heavy duty equipment to completely remove the stump and roots system. 

Stump grinding uses a powerful machine, a stump grinder, which cuts the stump of a tree into small (and reusable) wood chips. The stump grinder has a rotating disc with sharp teeth that can cut and grind the wood down. While a stump grinder will leave the roots of you stump in the soil, they are unable to grow. 

Is stump grinding better than stump removal?

In most cases, stump grinding is recommended over stump removal. This is because it takes less time, machinery and manual labour to successfully grind a stump than to remove one. It is also a cheaper method of stump disposal due to fewer personnel and less effort being required to complete the job.

Stump grinding is also better for your garden. Depending on the size of your stump and root system, stump removal requires you to dig a hole bigger than the circumference of the stump and often requires a crane to extract it from the whole. This is expensive and creates unnecessary disturbance to your garden. Stump grinding is less invasive for your garden and the wood chips created from grinding can be used to mulch your remaining trees and plants. 

Ask an expert

If you are unsure whether to choose stump grinding or removal to dispose of your stump, it’s best to ask an arborist. By consulting a professional, they will be able to assess your specific stump and surrounding garden to then determine the best method of removal. 

At Jim’s Trees, we offer competitively priced stump grinding and removal services. As experienced arborists, we’ll be able to neatly dispose of your stump using our stump grinding methods. We can even repurpose the green waste created from grinding to mulch your garden. 

Get in touch with the friendly team at Jim’s Trees to discuss your stump removal and grinding requirements today!

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