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Should you prune your trees in the Summer?

Many keen gardeners are unsure whether they should prune their trees during the summer. As pruning is often recommended during the colder months, many people avoid maintaining their trees in the hotter months of the year. However, summer pruning can produce some great results and be highly beneficial for your tree if you know what you are doing. 

Pruning usually occurs in winter

Pruning tends to occur in the winter months when a tree is dormant. This makes it easier to see the shape of the tree and what areas need to be pruned. It also enables the plant to concrete on new growth when the spring comes.

The benefits of pruning in summer

So why prune in summer? Well, there are multiple benefits to pruning your trees during the warmer months. The weather is better during the warmer months so it’s more motivating to get out into the garden and work on your tree maintenance.  

Remove damaged, diseased or dead limbs 

Summer storms and hot weather can negatively affect your tree and may result in damaged or dead tree branches and limbs. Pruning offers a perfect opportunity to remove these weakened and unhealthy branches which may be causing your tree additional stress and preventing growth. 

Encourage fruit production

Have a fruit tree? Pruning during the summer can increase air circulation, light penetration and encourage quality fruit growth. By pruning your fruit tree, you’ll also limit rotting fruit which can attract birds, pests, and insects. 

Should you do it yourself?

While there are plenty of handy guides online to pruning, it can be tricky to know how to best prune your trees. Every tree is different so the condition and pruning requirements of each individual tree vary. By doing it yourself, you could risk over-pruning and exposing the lower branches and trunk to sun damage. A bad pruning job could also negatively affect the structure of your tree and increase the risk of disease and pests. So it’s best to leave your tree pruning to the experts. 

At Jim’s Tree & Stump Removals, we’re trained arborists. Using our extensive knowledge and skills in tree maintenance, we can easily assess your tree and cater to its specific needs. Using our proven methods, your tree will be pruned to improve the structure and boost growth. 

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n system, you can achieve the same result via a garden hose. Turn your hose on to a slow dribble and set it on the ground near the trunk. Depending on the size of your tree, leave it for at least 45 minutes before moving the hose further away from the trunk.


Using a sprinkler is a popular method to water trees. If you need to cover a large area, sprinklers can be a great option. However, you’ll likely need to turn the sprinkler on for an extended period of time to reach the moisture level required. Sprinklers tend to lose a lot of water due to evaporation. 


Have a spare 10-litre bucket? Drill holes in the bottom, place it by the trunk of your tree and fill to the brim with water. The water will slowly drip from the bucket to the roots. The bucket method is an easy and affordable option, as well as a great use of an old bucket. 

Additional watering tips 

  • Mulch your tree to help retain moisture, 2-3 inches deep should be sufficient but don’t pile up near the trunk
  • Morning is the best time to water, as there is minimal evaporation and will keep the tree hydrated in the hotter parts of the day
  • Stay consistent with your watering schedule to avoid putting your tree under unnecessary stress

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