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Arborist Perth – Reports & Stump Grinding

Perth enjoys a more seasonal climate than most other cities in Australia. But its seasons can also go into extremes. The rainy season can see continuous rainfall for weeks while its summer becomes very hot, especially in February. It is for these very reasons that arborist Perth services need to be specialised. These extreme weathers are often a worry as they can lead to accidents or even disasters. Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to prevent disasters caused by extreme weather, even more is spent repairing the damages brought about by such disasters. Most devastating of all is loss of life due to extreme weathers in Perth. In and around our homes, we can take measures to minimize these risks. During the rainy season, dead trees with large trunks often soak up lots of water making them heavy and prone to falling down.

Jim's Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services

These dead trees are often heavier than they look because of all the water it absorbed, thus making them serious risks. During the summer, the same dead trees and even vegetation are also big fire hazards as the temperature increases. One way to prevent such incidents from happening is to minimise hazards in and around your home. The most common of these hazards are dead shrubs, fallen tree trunks, and dead trees. Make a survey of your home for these, and dispose of them properly. Even better, you can also encourage your neighbours to help by educating them of these dangers and organizing a clean-up of surrounding areas for dead trees and other vegetation.

But not all dead trees, especially the larger ones, can be easily cut down and disposed of. Tasks such as this require experience in handling and cutting down trees as one false move could have the entire thing crashing down in the wrong area. In this case, it is best to avail of the services of a professional arboristJim’s Trees is one of the most reliable professional tree services companies in Perth. Our highly-skilled and experienced crew are well-trained in the latest techniques using only the best equipment available. Aside from removal and lopping, we also do stump grinding Perth for those hard to get stumps.  If you are in need of an arborist reports Perth or it’s surrounds, we can help!

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