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Jim’s Stump & Tree Removal Hobart

Thanks for coming! Welcome to Jim’s Stump & Tree Removal Hobart, where we do a lot more than just remove stumps. In fact, we work with a variety of areas in the tree industry, and have some of the leading arborists working on our team. To begin, you should know that our company is dedicated to growing its clientele by providing a wide range of services including:

  • Tree Pruning: Manicuring every sort of tree or hedge

  • Stump Grinding: Making stumps disappear with our handy grinder machine

  • Palm Cleaning: Making your palms appear young again

  • Specialized services: Complete yard and property touchups and overhauls

  • Arborist Hobart: Our expert arborists provide services to all areas of the Tasmanian capital

With years of experience, and a growing network of service areas including Hobart, we are proud to offer our services to you.

Some of the areas we excel in:

Cleanup: Once we are done with the grinding and cleaning, we clean up the mess to ensure you have a nice and clean professional looking property.

Timeliness: We are committed to delivering timely service to ensure that our clients receive the work when requested, unlike other companies that will under or overbook.

Arbor Care: Not only do we provide a wide range of arborist Hobart services, but we can also provide you with feedback on how to personally maintain some of the areas that may need ongoing attention.

Tree Pruning

One of our specialties is tree pruning. This is a service that we are well equipped to provide with a wide range of tools, including our bucket truck, gas-powered saws and trimmers, and manual hand-powered saws and pruning tools. As a result, we are able to tackle and brush, cactus, or tree combination in the Hobart area.

Most of our work involves hedging and pruning hard to reach areas, but we also offer seasonal pruning packages to enhance the look of your property.

Stump Grinding: Do you have a nasty looking stump in your yard? Are you unsure what to do with it? Many people will try and adapt the stumps in their yard into the landscape, but over time, the best method is to get the stump removed with a special stump grinding machine. Our stump grinder chews through all types of wood, and does an excellent job removing the stump without chewing up your lawn or destroying your yard.

Once the stump is removed, we can assist you in helping add grass seed, or levelling the area to ensure you have a clean and consistent area where the stump once was.

Palm Cleaning: Do you have palm trees on your property? If so, then you know how these trees can both be beautiful, as well as annoying when they decide to molt and shed leaves. To assist with the maintenance of these trees and keep those annoying palm fronds from littering up your yard, we recommend you give us a call and get a on a seasonal scheduling program. This way, we can provide a wide range of serivces in the Hobart area and add you to our scheduled programs.

Need help harvesting coconuts? Not only do we remove the dead palms, but we can also assist in coconut retrieval, and palm leaf trimming to give a nice, clean looking palm setting.

Specialised Services

Since we work with trees, brush, cactus, dirt, sand, and landscapes of all kinds, we have developed a wide range of specialized services. Do you need some work done that involves trees, plants, or landscaping? Consider giving us a call since we have a wide variety of tools and experience to provide many unique arbor care services:

  • Hedging

  • Trimming

  • Pruning

  • Stump Grinding

  • Invasive Species ID

  • Property Design Consulting

  • Tree Planting