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Professional Arborist Services Adelaide

Tree removal

Tree removal is one of our most popular services. We can cut down and remove trees that have become old, sick or dangerous. Our crews have the training and expertise to perform tree removals in a fast, safe and sustainable way. While safety is our number one priority, we also value our clients’ time and the delicate balance of the ecosystem. That’s why we work safely and efficiently while still ensuring that the tree is removed in a way that will cause the least harm to the trees, plants and animals that live around it.

Communities all around Australia rely on our tree removal service because we strive for quality and professionalism every day, on every job. Our arborists are capable of handling any type of tree removal job. From the small and simple, to the huge and complex. No matter if there is limited access, nearby hazards or challenging conditions. We have the skills, the tools and the training to get the job done right.


Tree pruning (trimming & lopping)

Pruning is the secret to maintaining a healthy, vibrant and structurally safe tree. When you reach out to our tree service professionals for help with pruning your trees, the service you receive goes far beyond trimming some excess foliage from the tree branches. Our crews use their wealth of horticultural knowledge to maintain the beauty, health and structural stability of your tree. Tree pruning involves cutting back, lopping and removing those parts of the tree that are dead, dying or detrimental to the overall condition of the tree. This can manifest in the trimming of overgrown branches or the shaping of the tree canopy.

It can also require the redistribution of weight throughout the structure of the tree to make sure that it continues to grow evenly. Trees that are left to grown uneven can quickly become a falling hazard. As certain branches and sections of the tree can grow faster than others, this can pose a risk of the tree becoming dangerously lopsided. Once this occurs, all that is needed is a strong wind or storm for the tree to fall down and put anyone nearby in danger. The solution to this risk is a regular pruning schedule to keep the tree healthy, happy and hazard-free.

Pro Arborist Reports

Our professional arborist report service involves a complete and comprehensive analysis of the condition of the tree to determine the best course of action for its wellbeing. Once this process is complete, our arborists will be able to diagnose any outstanding health concerns and recommend a treatment plan that can help the growth and prosperity of your tree.

Pro arborists reports are not just helpful for identifying any problems with your tree. They are also a prerequisite for many local council applications to conduct tree works, construction or significant development. In order to apply for a permit to commence this type of work on your property, most council laws will require that your application is accompanied by a report conducted by professional arborists. Our arborists can streamline this process for you. This allows you to speed up the council process by enlisting a professional arborist to prepare all the technical information you need to successfully lodge your permit application.

Stump removal

Removing a stump is an important part of the tree removal process as it kills off the root system, preventing the further growth and spread of that tree throughout your property. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, the roots of a tree can continue to thrive well after the tree has been cut down and removed. Allowing the tree stump to remain after the rest of the tree has been removed provides the roots with everything they need to continue spreading and feeding on the nutrients in your soil. This can pose a number of different problems for your garden.

First and foremost this root system can be a drain on the resources in your soil. As the roots direct moisture and nutrients in the ground towards the tree stump, it diverts them away from the living plants and roots that rely on those resources to survive. Secondly, as these roots spread, they can dislodge underground pipes and disrupt plumbing systems. Finally the invasive roots can even upend garden walls and pathways, cracking the cement and weakening their foundations. The best way to mitigate all of these issues is to have our arborists remove the stump and kill of the root system when they remove the tree. If you have pesky stumps lingering on your property, our arborists can take care of it for you in no time, reclaiming your property and preventing future headaches.

Power line clearance

It is never too early to start thinking about the safety of your trees. Branches close to power lines are a high risk of electrical fires that have the potential to endanger nearby residents and property. If your trees are in the general vicinity of electrical currents, especially power lines, then it is your responsibility to have them regularly assessed by professional arborists to ensure they do not become dangerous. Our arborist services include fast and effective power line clearance to keep your trees and home free of risk. If you are unsure whether there is sufficient clearance between your trees and nearby power lines, then it is time to have them assessed by our qualified arborists.

Wood chipping

Our industrial strength wood chippers can break down wood into fresh, organic wood chip mulch. This allows us to recycle the green waste created from our tree works and use it to promote healthy growth in your garden. If you want high quality mulch that is sourced from your local community, then speak to our professionals about the wood chip mulch we make daily.

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