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Saving money when removing trees

Saving money on anything is a win, but saving money on a tree removal can really help your wallet. Due to the dangerous and labour intensive nature of cutting down and removing a tree, it is not a cheap service. However, what you’re paying for is the time and resources for qualified tree surgeons to be working on your property. So, if you can reduce the amount of time they need to be there, and book at times where there is less demand, you can reduce the cost for them and save yourself some money. Below we have provided three handy tricks you can employ to cut the costs of your next tree removal.

Book at off-peak times

During the beautiful heat of summer, everyone is outside and enjoying their trees. This also happens to be the busiest time of year for tree removal services. While you can’t always decide when you need a tree removed, if you can plan ahead then it’s going to be a little cheaper if you book during the low season. Organising a tree to be removed during the winter months is going to be noticeably less expensive than doing so during the peak months of summer. So if you’re looking at your tree during winter and thinking “I’m going to need to get that removed soon” – then your best bet is to book it in as soon as possible if you want to save yourself some money.

Ensure easy access

Location and accessibility is a massive factor when it comes to quoting a tree removal job. If you have a tree squeezed in a backyard with only a tight front access, then the team is going to need to do a lot more work. Getting the equipment there will be tricky, getting the tree out will be harder. All of this translates into more time spent working on your property, more labour getting the job done and more cost for you at the end of the day. Anything you can do to provide better access to the tree for the removal team can help reduce the overall duration of the job.

If there is poor access to your property from the front, but you back onto a rear lane or reservation, let the team know so that they can bring their equipment in from an easier location. If removing a couple panels on a fence means easier access for the machinery and the crew, this may end up saving you a bunch of money on the quote. Or maybe your neighbour’s property provides the best access to the tree. In which case, see if your neighbour will allow the team to come through their property to do their work. A friendly conversation with your neighbour may go a long way to saving you money on your next tree removal service.

Provide space to work

Clutter around the tree can prevent access for machinery and the team. If there are plants, objects, furniture and other obstructions around the base of the tree, this can slow down a job and result in a bigger bill for you. Anything that you can do to clear the base of the tree and ensure easy access and manoeuvrability will streamline the tree removal process and cut costs on the final price. So if that means doing a bit of extra labour yourself before they get there, that might be worth the effort. You don’t want to pay for a team with machinery to be doing the work you could have done yourself!