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Who is responsible for emergency tree removal and damage?

Life can be unpredictable so the need for emergency tree removal can strike at any time. Large storms, strong winds and even earthquakes can cause a tree to fall, splinter or damage property and vehicles. When it comes to a fallen tree, the worst thing you can do is nothing. Failure to remove a tree can cause greater damage to property, endanger lives, and even affect essential services.

But, who is responsible for emergency tree removal? And who should you call?


Contact the SES

Depending on the extent of the damage, we recommend first contacting your State Emergency Service (the SES). As part of the first response team, SES can accurately assess the situation and remove any dangerous trees. If anyone is hurt or injured, then call Triple 0 immediately 

You should contact the SES if: 

  • Trees are obstructing or damaging power lines
  • Trees, limbs and debris are blocking roads and paths
  • Trees have fallen on public property such as nature strips 
  • Fallen tree, limb or debris has caused significant damage to your home 

If a tree does not pose an immediate danger to your property, family or essential services, then the SES will not remove it. They will remove a tree deemed a hazard, however, it will be your responsibility to clean the green waste left over. 

Call Jim’s

In the case of the SES not removing a tree or cleaning up green waste, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, call the emergency tree experts – Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal.

In an emergency, we will:

  • Accurately assess your trees 
  • Create an arborist report 
  • Safely remove any dangerous trees, branches and debris 
  • Clean up any storm or tree waste 
  • Perform preventative measures for other trees

As highly trained professionals, we can safely remove any dangerous trees and clean up all green waste and tree materials. Our top-quality equipment including woodchippers, chainsaws and stump grinders, means we can effectively and efficiently remove a dangerous tree. 

By contacting Jim’s, you are ensuring that your emergency tree removal will be done as safely as possible without causing further damage. It’s also recommended to use a professional service such as Jim’s in order to successfully claim insurance. 

Prevention can make a difference

You can take action to prevent your trees from endangering your property, vehicle or family, by performing regular tree maintenance. Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal offers a range of services to keep your trees in the best possible health. These include pruning, trimming and powerline clearance which will help to reduce future damage. 

Do you have any questions about emergency tree removal? Then get in touch with our friendly team! 

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