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The dangers of DIY tree removal

Thinking of removing a tree yourself? In the age of YouTube tutorials and WikiHow articles, it’s easy to feel like you can master any skill. But, removing a tree is not like learning to knit or making a delicious Paella. Do-It-Yourself tree removal comes with a range of risks and dangers.

Personal injury or death 

The most dangerous risk of DIY tree removal is injury and death. The process of removing trees and stumps is difficult and can be extremely hazardous even if you have years of experience and proper training. There are numerous causes of accidental injuries and, in some very unfortunate cases, death. 

Tree, branches and debris falling 

Untrained people performing tree removal commonly tend to injure themselves or others due to a tree, branch or other debris falling suddenly. When a tree or branch falls, it can be difficult to determine where exactly it will land. This risk is increased with older and decaying trees. 

Unskilled in tree cutting 

Ever used a chainsaw before? Determining a specific cutting angle is pretty important. The wrong angle could cause the chainsaw to slip. How will you tackle your removal? As mentioned before, tree branches and debris can fall unexpectedly. Without sufficient knowledge of trees and removal techniques, you could find yourself in a difficult cutting position vulnerable to falling debris. In the best case scenario, you’ll likely take twice as long as an experienced and professional tree removalist. 

Lack of appropriate equipment 

To remove a tree, you’ll likely need to access it at a height off the ground. Falls are common for those attempting a DIY tree removal. Losing balance on a ladder or lacking a required safety harness could result in a fatal accident. 

Branches may appear lighter than they are, a miscalculation could injure someone on the ground. Do you have the required rigging equipment to lower these branches safely? What about ear muffs, safety goggles, gloves, etc? There’s more to think about when it comes to tree removal equipment than purchasing a chainsaw. 


If your tree is located anywhere near power lines, you’ll run the risk of potentially electrocuting yourself. Removing a tree or branches without coming into contact with the power lines will take a lot of skill and expertise. 

Unnecessary removal

One risk of DIY removal is felling a tree that does not need to be removed. Unless you’re a trained arborist, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to accurately assess the health of your trees. Worst case, you might go to the significant effort of removing a perfectly healthy tree.

With a professional tree removal service, you can rest assured that you will receive expert advice on how to maintain your trees and will know which trees need to be removed. 

Council fine 

Did you know that tree removals may require council approval? Each council has specific rules and regulations when it comes to the removal of trees. Even on private property, you may need to contact your local council to enquire whether you can take down your tree. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine. Tree removal experts will be aware of particular regulations pertaining to your trees and will act accordingly. 

Damage to property 

Tree removal can result in damage to your property or vehicle. If a tree falls on your home or car during a DIY removal then your insurance provider may not cover it. A branch or tree landing on power lines will likely cause a neighbourhood wide blackout and cut off essential services. 

If attempting a tree removal yourself, debris of fallen tree material may land on a neighbours property or home. This will likely make you pretty unpopular with your neighbours and will cause additional work for yourself as you’ll need to remove the debris. 

Call the experts

When it comes to tree removal, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Why risk potential death, damage or council fines? At Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal, we make removing a tree easy. 

Providing the full removal experience, we’ll accurately assess your tree, safely and efficiently remove it, and clean up any debris or waste. There’s no need to worry about potentially damaging your property or removing a healthy tree when you contact Jim’s. 

You can request a quote from our friendly team today!

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