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Summer Garden & Tree Care 

The Australian summer can be a tough time for your plants and trees. There are many strategies to protect your garden through the hottest months, from mulching and irrigation, to pruning and health assessments. We have assembled the top 10 tips from professional arborists for keeping your garden looking great all summer long.

Summer Garden Maintenance


Early summer is the best time to prepare your garden for the harsh sun. Your garden plants need help to stay cool, retain minerals and nutrients. Mulching is the best way to regulate soil conditions. We provide fresh, organic wood chip mulch from your local area that is optimal for helping your plants to thrive through the hot summer days. You should keep your garden beds covered in a healthy thick layer of mulch, and don’t forget to mulch your trees too!

Pest infestations

Regular pest inspections are an essential summer strategy for protecting your garden and your trees. There are many pests that are particularly active from December through to February. These include beetles, spider mites, scale insects, caterpillars and white flies. Beetles and caterpillars will destroy the leaves on your plants and trees while mites and scale insects will drain the moisture away. For this reason it’s important to remain vigilant for these pests and to contact our arborists if you need help preventing or removing a pest infestation.


While mulching can help regulate soil temperature and retain moisture, you still need to make sure you are providing ample water for all of your plants and trees. There are many strategies to optimise this process. You can divide your plants into groups requiring similar water levels, you can set up a sophisticated watering system or you can bring in our specialists to assess your home and recommend the best solution for you. Whichever you choose, make sure that you begin the irrigation process in early summer so that your plants and trees don’t dry out.

Pot plants

Pot plants are excellent for vegetable gardening, indoor gardening and summer gardening. Making sure they get plenty of sunshine and water is important. Equally important is moving them into the shade when the sun is getting too harsh. Mulching is less important with pot plants because you can control the conditions of the soil – just don’t forget to move them out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day!

Summer Tree Care


The best time to prune your trees in summer is as early as possible. Not only can this help your trees to prosper, but it can also keep your trees fire safe (see #6) and storm safe (see #7). There are many types of trees that are best pruned in Summer. These include trees that blossom in Spring, trees with overweight or overhanging branches, trees with infestations or even trees that obstruct a nice summer view. Caring for your trees in summer is important, but not always straightforward. Some trees should not be touched until the colder months, while other trees require regular trimming for healthy growth. To find out whether your trees need to be pruned, get in touch to speak with a qualified arborist today.

Fire Safety

There’s no need to remind any Australian why fire safety is a crucial step for summer. Removing dry green waste from your property, lopping overhanging branches, trimming excess foliage and ensuring safe distances between your house and any hazards are all essential parts of a fire safety plan. You should never cut corners with fire safety on your property. For an expert assessment and assistance with ensuring your home is safe from fires you should always use a qualified arborist.

Storm Preparation

Summer storms are a regular occurrence and can be particularly brutal for your trees and garden. The most important part of protecting your home against the dangers of storm damage is to be proactive. Don’t wait until a storm is coming, contact a tree service to assess your trees and to make sure that there are no potential risks. This includes pruning overweight branches, power line clearance, crown raising and crown thinning. Have peace of mind when the next storm hits by making sure your trees are safe and secure.

Health Assessment

Health assessments are one of the most underrated forms of tree care. A pro arborist report on the condition of your trees can help to identify any infestations, damage or potential hazards that could put you and your home at risk. Summer is the perfect time to have your trees assessed because the season is full of risks, from bushfires and storms, to dried-out soil and infestations. There are many unseen factors that could be deteriorating the health and stability of your trees without you realising it. If you haven’t had your trees assessed with a pro arborist report recently then now is the time to do it.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Once a tree has been identified as hazardous, it is imperative that you have that tree removed as soon as possible for your safety and the safety of the community. The sooner you remove the tree, the sooner you can plant a new sapling in its place or use the space available for new endeavours. Our tree service is the best in the business for fast, safe and sustainable tree removal. We strive to provide the best customer service and to take the tree out with the least possible impact to the surrounding environment. Don’t let a tree become hazardous during the summer months, get in touch and get it removed.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a smart strategy for maintaining a healthy garden throughout summer. Even once a tree has been removed, the root system connected to the stump can continue to grow, spread and absorb the essential moisture and nutrients in the soil. If you’re worried about your plants drying out from the intense summer sun, get rid of those pesky stumps! This also has the added benefit of providing space for new saplings, removing an eye sore from your property, allowing more moisture for your other plants and removing any potential tripping hazards.


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