Professional tree stump removal is near you and easier to organise than ever before. If there is an old lingering stump on your property our experienced tree surgeons can quickly remove the stump for you without any hassle. Simply fill out our online quote request form, or give our customer service team a call on 131 546, and a qualified arborist will get back to you to provide a quote without any cost or obligations.

Through our nationwide network of tree service professionals, we can connect you with an arborist nearby. We believe that the best service comes from people who live and work in your neighborhood. By combining the resources and systems from our network with the skills and knowledge from local tree loppers, we ensure you get the best service that is fast, friendly, and affordable.

Why remove a stump?

Removing a stump has a whole range of benefits for your garden and your home. Clearing the tree stump frees up valuable land that can be used for planting new seedlings, adding garden features, or simply enjoying hazard-free lawn. On the other hand, leaving a stump to rot can cause all sorts of problems. When you leave a stump to linger in the ground after the tree has fallen or been cut down, the root system never gets notified that their top-end has been taken from them. Instead, they continue to expand and suck nutrients from the soil in order to provide sustenance for the zombie tree stump. In doing so, the stump becomes a hotbed for rodents, infestations and diseases.

The roots that remain connected to the pesky stump will also divert important resources from the soil away from your other trees and plants. On top of all of this, that stump sitting on your lawn is a tripping hazard that prevents you from making use of the space on your property. The question you must ask after all of this is, why wouldn’t you remove a stump?

How does tree stump grinding work?

The term ‘stump removal’ is a broad category that can mean many different things. While each approach may result in the removal of the stump, they are not all equal. Some cut-rate services may choose the approach of ripping the stump, and the entire root system, out of the ground. While this may technically remove the stump, it will also remove half your garden in the process, causing permanent damage to the ecosystem and potentially to the workers themselves.

Our qualified arborists use a stump grinder to carry out their tree stump removal services. Stump grinding is the most efficient, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly approach to getting rid of a stump. Not only is it a much simpler and faster approach, but it also results in the best outcome for your garden and involves the least disruption to the ecosystem.

To perform a stump removal, our qualified tree surgeons will bring a stump grinder onto your property and set it over the stump. Using a blade with powerful tungsten teeth, the grinder will easily break down the wood into small, mulch size pieces. Our teams will continue to grind the stump down to below the surface of the soil. By doing so it will clear the space and cut off the root system. Once the roots have been cut off from their source, they will stop expanding and instead decompose in the soil, causing no further issues for you.

Safe, fast & affordable tree services

Our experienced crews can make short work of a stump and give you back your garden. However, without the skills, tools, and knowledge of how to do so, removing a stump can be both dangerous for you and damaging to your garden. Hiring a qualified arborist – also commonly referred to as a tree surgeon or a tree lopper – used to be an overly expensive and difficult process. We believe that professional tree services are essential for keeping the community safe, your home beautiful and the ecosystem healthy.

That’s why we set out to use our expansive national network, cutting-edge systems and excellent customer service processes to change the tree industry. By using these resources, we connect local tree service professionals with people like you who just want a safe, efficient and quality job done without all of the extra costs. The result is a high-quality service that is easy to organise. In addition to providing professional tree assistance from local experts, we also provide peace of mind through our comprehensive insurance policy. Every job we carry out is covered by our industry-leading $10 million insurance protection plan. This removes the financial risk from our services, so you can rest easy while we work hard.

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Jim’s is a different type of tree care service because we make professional quality tree care accessible to everyone. By combining national networks with local experts, we ensure that a quality professional arborist is never far away. We also believe in providing the best possible customer service. That’s why we offer free quotes for every job and an industry-leading $10 million insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen events. Find out why our list of returning customer is growing so fast by getting in contact with us today. It’s never been so easy to get in touch. Just fill out the online quote form on our website or give us a call on 131546.

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