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Finding the right tree removal service among the range of tree companies in Sydney can be tricky. All you want is to have your trees lopped, disassembled and removed from your property. However, simply choosing the lopping service with the most competitive pricing is a risk that could cost you in the long run. 

In this guide to cheap tree removal, we run you through all of the important factors you need to consider when choosing between tree cutting services. We show you why a cost guide should be only one part of choosing a professional arborist, as a high quality job done right can save you money, time and heartache down the line. 

The best results for your finances and your home will always be choosing the tree service that is highly recommended, has excellent customer service, comprehensive insurance coverage and prioritises safety and quality.  

Cheap Tree removal without with Safety our top priority

The number one priority for any hazardous service on your property should be safety. Tree removal generally involves: 

  • Climbing a tree that is declining in health
  • Operating dangerous equipment while in a tree that is being disassembled 
  • Cutting off heavy segments of the tree 
  • Carefully lowering the heavy pieces with ropes to a ground crew
  • Felling the trunk of the tree in a confined space near residents, cars and homes 
  • Cutting it into transportable sections 
  • Extracting the deeply-rooted stump
  • Removing it all from the property 

Any step in this process can result in significant dangers for the climber, the ground crew and nearby residents if the proper safety measures are not put in place. Reliable safety procedures require proper training, first-rate safety equipment and strategic safety protocols. In order to offer the cheapest rates, some tree lopping services will cut corners in regards to safety training and equipment. Offering the cheapest prices also forces these services to squeeze more jobs into the day. This results in less time and attention given to the work on your property. Rushed jobs result in accidents. 

Lower safety standards means a higher risk for the workers, for your family, for the surrounding community and for the environment. There’s no point saving a few dollars upfront if it increases the risk of an accident. Make sure the tree cutting service you choose has a great safety record and invests in their safety protocols and equipment. 


  • Tree removal is dangerous, leave it to the professionals
  • Choose a tree service with a good safety record and up to date safety training
  • Avoid services that are in a rush

Cheap tree removal does not mean no Insurance!

Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential to financially protecting yourself in the event of an accident. The cheapest tree services will save themselves money by using inadequate insurance plans or worse, no insurance at all. 

The small savings you can receive in the upfront cost of a cut-rate tree service without sufficient insurance is not worth the financial risk you must carry. In the event of a terrible accident during the course of removing a tree, the potential damage to your property, or to life, will far exceed the cheap cost of the service. 

When shopping around for cheap tree services, ensure that they include a comprehensive insurance plan on every job they do. Spending a few extra dollars for a service with insurance is a smart, safe financial decision.


  • Insurance should be non-negotiable
  • Without insurance the risk falls on you
  • Choose tree services with comprehensive insurance coverage 


Legal responsibilities are often overlooked by residents wanting to remove a tree from their property. However every council has strict local laws dictating the conditions by which you can remove a tree. Violation of these laws can result in heavy fines. Often these laws require a qualified arborist to confirm the condition of the tree in order to be granted a removal permit from the council. 

The cheapest tree services will rarely abide by these council laws because they can be complicated, time consuming and require arborist qualifications they may not have. If these tree services do not follow the law, the financial and legal penalties can fall on you. Any savings you may have made with the cheapest service, will be quickly overshadowed by fines and legal fees. 

To avoid legal ramifications, ensure you choose a well-regarded tree service with qualified arborists who are familiar with local tree protection laws. Not only can this save you problems down the line, but a familiarity with the local council can speed up the approval process for you. 


  • Each council has local tree protection laws
  • Cut-rate services often fail to abide by the laws, you face the consequences
  • Companies familiar with local laws can speed up the approval process

Quality & Experience

Inexperienced or unqualified arborists (Cheap tree removalists) are far more likely to make mistakes. This can be in the form of an incorrect diagnosis of the problem, improper lopping techniques or a failure to enact proper safety measures. Any of these issues can result in damage to your property, to the surrounding environment and potentially to your finances. A purely cheap tree removal job can even have unseen consequences for your property and the environment that will only become apparent over time. 

In contrast, an experienced arborist can provide quality advice, accurately diagnose problems and propose solutions that others could not. The extra money spent on a qualified arborist can save you money in the long run and have far better results for your garden. They can also spot problems that others would overlook, providing invaluable help in identifying potentially problematic diseases or infestations in your trees. 

Low quality tree services will also omit necessary expenses from your quote. You may find the cheapest tree removal quotes will fail to include stump removal, wood chipping, green waste disposal and clean up from their initial price. It’s always better to choose a service that is transparent about the cost of their quotes.


  • Accidents result from a lack of experience and training
  • Experience leads to better results in the long term
  • The best services are transparent about the full costs upfront

High Quality Affordable Arborists

Finding a cheap tree removal service means finding a service that prioritises safety, has comprehensive insurance coverage on every job, is familiar with local tree protection laws and has experienced, qualified arborists. Each of these factors is essential to saving money on your tree removal, because if any one of them is missing you could find yourself forking out money well after the tree is removed. 

At Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal we provide high quality tree removal at affordable prices. Our prices include all of these elements mentioned above, which is why we can confidently offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

The Jim’s Difference

We offer a complete service from the first time you contact us, until we clean up all the green waste and leave your property looking great. The reason our list of returning customers is growing each year is because we believe in giving you the best service possible in the safest way we can. 

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Common Questions

The average cost to remove trees can range from $250 to $3000 with most jobs costing around $1000. For smaller trees up to 10 metres tall you can expect to spend $800, for a tree between 10 and 20 metres the prices would range from $750 to $1250. Pricing really depends on height, diameter, location, site access, and the type of tree.

In Sydney, the cost to remove trees is similar to the rest of Australia with most trees costing between $500 and $1000 to remove, with this cost being impacted by several factors other than how big the tree is. A small tree up to about 5m might cost around $500 to remove, where a bigger 8-10m tree will be around the $1000-1200 range.

In addition to this you need to factor in council permits where required (Additional costs)

If you are wondering if your council needs approval, the answer is – most likely. For more comprehensive information, head over to our Council Tree Permit Regulation guides.