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Tree Removal for Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Do you have trees around your property that look like they could do with some TLC? Are the branches getting too close to your powerlines or to the roof your home? Maybe the roots are starting to wreak havoc through your foundations? Whatever the case may be, the team at Jim’s Trees are here to help. We offer safe tree removal services, protecting your property from any potential hazards.

Working throughout Melbourne’s western suburbs and surrounding areas, we work with homeowners, businesses and local councils to ensure that buildings, pipes and powerlines remain safe and intact, reducing the risk for you, your family and the general public. Get the support you need today and speak to the team at Jim’s Trees.

We Care for Your Trees

We don’t just offer tree removal. As true arborists, we have a strong passion for the environment and truly care about, and for, your trees. We always do what we can do ensure their safe growth, providing tree pruning and other services to keep them alive and healthy.

If the safest option is tree removal, our experienced team will make sure we do it properly – stump and all – ensuring that your roof is safe from falling branches and your foundations from insidious roots. By performing complete tree removal, we’re also able to prepare the site for a new sapling if required, allowing you to maintain the natural beauty of the space. Only when the entire tree has been removed will you be able to plant a new sapling.

Keeping Melbourne’s West Safe with Tree Removal

Keep your trees growing healthy and your property safe from falling debris with Jim’s Trees. From Melbourne’s western suburbs through to the east, we’re the company to call for tree removal in Melbourne.

With over 4000 franchises in Australia and around the world, Jim’s Group have been supporting franchisees for over 25 years, ensuring our customers in Melbourne’s west get the level of expertise they’ve come to expect from our brand. Call us today on 131 546 or request a quote online.