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Jim’s Arborist Adelaide Services – Stump Grinding & Reports

Stump Removal and Tree Lopping

Living in the Adelaide area has its rewards. Being a diverse city, it offers a warm climate with some of the world’s most beautiful markets and eating spots. Having a warm climate can see the temperature in the range of 40 degrees during summer. But this kind of weather has its own downfalls.

During summer it can get hot and dry, and that can lead to fire danger. As the temperature increases, the surrounding land dries up. This can result in large numbers of dead trees or vegetation, perfect ingredients for spontaneous fires. Every year, the government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for the prevention of disasters due to hot weather.

As a concerned citizen of Adelaide, you too can do your share to prevent such disasters. A simple way to do this is to check your own surroundings. The most common fire hazards are dead shrubs, fallen tree trunks, or even dead trees. Make a survey of your home for these, and dispose of them properly.

For removal of larger trees or tree lopping tasks, it is best to get the services of a professional arborist Adelaide. They are better equipped with the right tools as well as the expertise to safely carry out such tasks, removing the risk of damage to property or even accidents that can endanger a life.

Jim’s Trees specialises in tree services. We are among the longest standing and most reliable, professional tree services companies in Adelaide. We employ only the most highly-skilled and experienced tree experts who are well-trained in the latest techniques. Aside from removal and lopping, we also offer stump removal and stump grinding Adelaide services. We also provide comprehensive arborist report Adelaide services.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now for a quote or for any inquiries you might have and experience for yourself a truly professional tree solutions service.