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Cheap Tree Removal on the Gold Coast

At Jim’s Tree we provide Gold Coast residents with the Cheapest Tree Removal at the highest quality

With the amount of tree removal services available on the Gold Coast, it can be difficult to know which company you can trust to do a good job for a fair price. While picking the tree service with the cheapest quote might seem like the simplest option, it can often be a costly mistake. 

Arborists are qualified tree surgeons who require specialist knowledge, training, crews and equipment to perform the dangerous task of tree removal. Tree services offering the cheapest prices are often those that fail to invest in the time, training, insurance and qualifications necessary to perform the job safely and to industry standards. The consequences of these shortcuts ultimately fall on you. Small upfront savings on your tree removal is not worth the risk that it puts on your health, your finances and your property in the case of an accident. 

In this guide to cheap tree removal on the Gold Coast we will cover all of the important things to look for when choosing a tree service. This way you can find the best price on tree removal without risking a negligent or unqualified company. 


The first thing you want to make sure when choosing a tree service company is that it prioritises safety. Felling a tree on private property is hazardous work that requires strict safety protocols to ensure no one is put in unnecessary danger, from the climber and ground crew to the resident and nearby pedestrians. For a tree to be removed safely it requires: 

  1. Training
  2. Safety equipment
  3. Precision tools
  4. Safety protocols
  5. Enough crew members
  6. Plenty of time to do the job safely

Every aspect needs an investment of time or money that contributes to the overall cost of a tree removal quote. If you are given a quote that is substantially cheaper than average, the company has probably taken shortcuts with its safety and, therefore, with yours. While the risks range from falling branches to falling trees, there is no unnecessary risk worth taking. Put safety as your first priority and choose a tree service with an excellent safety record, safety training, industry leading equipment and stringent safety protocols. 


  • Tree work is dangerous and requires professionals
  • Cheap tree services cut corners with safety
  • Choose a tree service with an excellent safety record 


Insurance is all about your financial safety. Not having insurance while conducting tree work on your property is dangerously negligent from the tree company and unnecessarily risky for you. Even when everything is done correctly, accidents can always occur. A fallen branch on a roof or something similar can easily result in out of pocket expenses that far exceed the initial cost of the job. This risk can be easily mitigated by choosing a company that is fully insured for every job they do with a comprehensive protection policy. 

Tree removal services that use no insurance or partial protection are saving themselves extra expenses by putting you at risk. Be cautious of the cheapest quotes you get for removing a tree and make sure that it includes complete insurance protection for you and your property. 


  • Insurance keeps you financially protected
  • Accidents can occur even when everything is done right
  • Choose a service that is fully insured for every job

The Legal Aspects of Tree Removal

It can be easy to forget, but removing a tree on private property generally requires the approval from your local council and a tree removal permit. These applications can often take time to be approved and need the condition of the tree to be validated by a qualified arborist. Cut-rate tree services will try to avoid this process and cut down the tree without permission from the council. They hope to save money and time by evading local tree protection laws. However, the legal consequences of these decisions fall on you. By allowing these services to break the law, you are held responsible and liable to any fines and legal fees associated with the evasion of council regulations. 

Choosing a tree service that is reputable not only avoids legal consequences, it can also speed up the approval process if they are familiar with the system and have all of the required qualifications.


  • Every council have their own tree protection laws
  • Violating these laws results in heavy fines
  • Choosing a reputable company can speed up permit applications


Getting a high quality result from your tree removal means work that is done safely, sustainably and with the best outcomes for your home and garden. The cheapest quotes available for a job are typically the ones that omit some of the most important aspects of the job. Stump removal, wood chipping and green waste disposal are all important for a quality tree removal job done well. 

Low quality services will cut corners on quality wherever possible. They’ll use less crew members and less time than is necessary to do the job well. The result is a rushed job, done poorly with a higher chance of accidents occurring. It can also result in damage to your garden and to the ecosystem. This type of damage is not always immediately visible, but can become apparent over the following days, weeks or months. 

Choosing a reputable, high quality Arborist always results in the best outcomes for your garden, your home and your finances in the long run. 


  • The cheapest quotes often mean the lowest quality
  • Low quality jobs have repercussions for your ecosystem and your wallet
  • High quality work always pays off in the long run


The value of an experienced Arborist goes well beyond the confines of the job they’ve been hired to do. A cheap tree removal company will just cut down a tree. An experienced Arborist can provide valuable insight into the problem and provide alternative solutions should they be preferable. Rather than simply cutting a tree down, an experienced Arborist can tell you whether that is advisable. This type of experience can help to ensure that you are helping your garden to thrive and doing what is best for your trees. It is impossible to remove any chance of an accident, but choosing an experienced and highly recommended Arborist means that you are in safe hands. 


  • Experienced professionals can help beyond the job
  • They can help to diagnose problems and offer solutions
  • An experienced Arborist is the safest choice

High Quality Affordable Arborists on the Gold Coast

At Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal we connect customers with local Arborists who are qualified, experienced and affordable. Our jobs are all covered by our industry leading $10 million insurance coverage and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you need a tree removed on the Gold Coast, fill out our online quote form or call us on 131546 today.

The Jim’s Difference

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Common Questions

The average cost to remove trees can range from $250 to $3000 with most jobs costing around $1000. For smaller trees up to 10 metres tall you can expect to spend $800, for a tree between 10 and 20 metres the prices would range from $750 to $1250. Pricing really depends on height, diameter, location, site access, and the type of tree.

In Brisbane, the cost to remove trees is similar to the rest of Australia with most trees costing between $500 and $1000 to remove, with this cost being impacted by several factors other than how big the tree is. A small tree up to about 5m might cost around $500 to remove, where a bigger 8-10m tree will be around the $1000-1200 range.

In addition to this you need to factor in council permits where required (Additional costs)

If you are wondering if your council needs approval in Brisbane, the answer is – most likely. For more comprehensive information, head over to our Council Tree Permit Regulation guides.