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Arborist Brisbane

At Jim’s Tree we provide Brisbane residents with the the highest quality Arborist services

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By connecting local tree specialists in Brisbane with our vast network of Arborist resources, we combine the latest industry expertise with specialised local knowledge to provide unrivalled quality of tree health management. We believe that in the tree care industry, people are just as important as the trees we service. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with a seamless professional experience from the first moment they call us for a free quote, to the completion of the final cleanup when we leave their property looking better than it begun.

Fully Insured QLD Arborists

There is an inherent risk in providing essential tree services throughout the wider Brisbane community. Climbing, lopping and removing trees is dangerous work, especially when those trees are in poor health or have lost their structural integrity. To mitigate this risk and provide our customers with both financial protection and peace of mind, we cover all of the tree services we offer with an industry leading comprehensive $10 million insurance plan. In addition to financial security, we utilise the most rigorous safety protocols, training and equipment to protect our crews and reduce the chances of any unforeseen events.

Brisbane Tree Services

Tree Removal

We have become the most trusted name in tree removal because of our dedication to performing tree removal services in the most safe, sustainable and professional way possible. Removing trees is an essential part of keeping communities safe and ecosystems healthy. As tree health wears down through age, wind, disease, damage or neglect, they lose their structural integrity and become a direct threat to the safety of nearby people, animals and property. This deterioration is not always visibly evident or noticeable to the untrained eye. As such it is important that you have your trees regularly assessed by a qualified arborist to ensure that your trees are in a condition that is safe, stable and healthy. If a tree risk assessment reveals that it has become dangerous, then it is imperative that you have the tree removed by a qualified arborist as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding

Also known as tree stump removal, stump grinding is an important part of completely removing a tree from your property. Without grinding down the tree stump and cutting it off from its root system, the stump will continue to survive and cause problems for you and your home. A lingering stump will continue to gather resources from the soil through its roots, diverting important moisture and minerals always from the rest of your vegetation. A stump left behind after the removal of a tree will rot and become a beacon attracting infestations of rodents and bugs to your property. Our stump removal services can solve this problem for you but cutting it off at the root. Our industrial strength stump grinder uses a powerful blade fixed with tungsten teeth to tear into the stump and break it apart. Our team will usually grind down a stump to below the surface of the soil, cutting off the roots from their life source and ensuring that the stump won’t cause you any more problems.

Tree Maintenance

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of trees is what we love to do. There are a number of different strategic approaches that can be used to get your tree in the best possible condition. Tree pruning is one of the most effective means of maintaining tree health. By cutting off and trimming back dead and dying parts of the tree, pruning removes unhealthy sections of the tree and promotes stronger, healthier growth. In addition to promoting new buds to grown, pruning also helps to consolidate the tree’s structural integrity by ensuring an even weight distribution across the branches and canopy.

Power Line Clearance

Maintaining a safe distance between sources of electricity and tree branches is one of the ways that our tree surgeons keep the community safe. When a tree branch touches a power line it can cause electrical fires and pose a risk of electrocution to anyone in contact with the tree at ground level. Branches that appear to be a safe distance away from power lines can still come into contact with them during periods of high wind. For these reasons it is highly recommended that you have a qualified arborist come and assess the distance between your trees and power lines on a regular schedule.

Bushfire Risk & Management Strategy

Bushfire risk and the threat of fires spreading to your home is something that every Australian is acutely aware of. Our tree safety experts can come to your home to assess the potential risk of fires in order to devise a bushfire management strategy tailored to your personal circumstances. Trimming back overgrown foliage and ensuring a safe distance between your home and your trees is all part of protecting your home from the potential of out of control bushfires. The earlier you have your bushfire management strategy implemented, the better chance you give to you and your family of staying safe during fire season.

Professional Arborist Report

A pro arborist report is the best way of assessing your trees and identifying any potential hazards or pre-existing tree risk. An arborist report is also an essential component of most Brisbane council tree removal applications. As such, an arborist report has a wide array of applications and is a good starting point for devising your personal tree care strategy. We recommend having your trees assessed by an AQF Level III or higher arborist regularly to make sure that your trees do not decline in health and become a risk to personal health and wellbeing.

The Jim’s Difference

When it comes to Brisbane tree care, our qualified arborists are the best in the business. They can help keep your healthy trees prosperous while removing any dangerous or obstructive trees. We strive to deliver outstanding results and excellent customer service. Our professional arborists are armed with the best industry knowledge, training and equipment. This means that not job is too big or too challenging for our tree surgeons.

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Common Questions

The average cost to remove trees can range from $250 to $3000 with most jobs costing around $1000. For smaller trees up to 10 metres tall you can expect to spend $800, for a tree between 10 and 20 metres the prices would range from $750 to $1250. Pricing really depends on height, diameter, location, site access, and the type of tree.

In Brisbane, the cost to remove trees is similar to the rest of Australia with most trees costing between $500 and $1000 to remove, with this cost being impacted by several factors other than how big the tree is. A small tree up to about 5m might cost around $500 to remove, where a bigger 8-10m tree will be around the $1000-1200 range.

In addition to this you need to factor in council permits where required (Additional costs)

If you are wondering if your council needs approval in Brisbane, the answer is – most likely. For more comprehensive information, head over to our Council Tree Permit Regulation guides.