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Cheapest Tree Removals in Sydney

Cheap tree removal Sydney

Finding cheap tree removal services in Sydney doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Our mission is to make professional arborist tree services in Sydney accessible to everyone in the community. We have combined our vast network and reputation for quality service with local tree surgeons across Sydney, NSW. Our tree service professionals have many years experience, training and the best industry tools to ensure they can provide high quality work every time. The result is reliable Sydney tree services that are fast, safe and affordable.

We believe in being transparent about costs, so we happily provide free quotes for each job. Whether you need a tree removal job, tree lopping, stump grinding or tree pruning, we have the crew for you. Every job we do is protected under our comprehensive $10 million insurance policy. Call us today on 131546 or fill out the online quote request form to find out how we can help you with your trees.

High Quality Qualified Arborists

A qualified arborist (sometimes referred to as a tree lopper or tree surgeon) is an expert at all forms of tree work. For any type of work that you need help with, be they small trees or large trees, an arborist is the right person to get the job done. There is a huge difference between a qualified arborist and an unqualified tree cutter. The most important distinction is the level of safety. A qualified arborist is trained to climb, cut and remove trees in the safest way possible. This ensures not only the wellbeing of our customers, but also that of our crews and the wider community.

The second factor that differentiates a qualified arborist from unqualified alternatives is their focus on sustainability. Arborists are trained in arboriculture and horticulture which arms them with the knowledge they need to support and protect the ecosystem. Whether you need professional tree trimming, pruning, tree lopping or removal, it is essential that it is done with the least amount of harm to the tree and its surrounding environment.

Professional Tree Removal Prices

How much is Sydney tree removal? There are no universal prices or simple answers when it comes to the cost of tree removal Sydney because every job is different. Instead we offer free quotes to all our customers. This way we can assess the specific work you need done and can provide an accurate estimate of the costs. The price for each tree service is determined by a range of factors. The most influential of these are:

  • The size, species and condition
  • The location, access and terrain of the site
  • The type and quantity of services required
  • The number of hours and crew members needed
  • External factors like traffic, hazards and power lines

Other Arborist Tree Services

We offer far more than just tree removal in Sydney, our arborists are trained and equipped to provide a wide range of tree services that caters for every step in the life cycle of a tree. While our priority is to get the most out of your trees, emergency tree services like emergency tree removal, stump removal and lopping are sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of anyone nearby. Below is a list of some our most popular arborist services. To learn more or to find out what other services we offer, contact our customer service team or fill our the free quote request form today.

Tree Stump Grinding

If you want to get rid of a tree from your property then the job is incomplete without also removing the tree stump. Tree stumps can enable the root system to live on and cause problems in your garden for years after the tree was removed. To prevent this, our teams offer a stump grinding service that can grind down the stump below the surface of the soil. This process works to kill off the root system, preventing further growth and backyard problems. Stump grinding is fast, effective and sustainable, making it the optimal means of completing the tree removal process.

Tree Pruning

If your tree is beginning to look overgrown, unhealthy or hazardous, you may not need to jump right to tree removal. Tree pruning is proven to be one of the most effective strategies for promoting the health, stability and longevity of trees. By trimming back excess foliage, cutting off dead branches and reshaping the canopy, pruning can prevent a tree from becoming dangerously imbalanced and promote healthy growth. So before you chase right to the cut, consider how employing an arborist to implement a regular tree pruning schedule could save your tree, save you money and support a safe and vibrant ecosystem.

Cleaning/Removal of Palm Trees

A palm requires its own individual category of service because they are so distinct from other types of trees. In order for a healthy palm tree to look clean and tidy it must undergo a regular cleaning service. To achieve that famous sheen a palm requires a clean up that removes the outer layer of bark to reveal the glistening layer beneath. These types of trees are particularly popular in Sydney around the eastern suburbs and north shore region. When it comes to tree removal of a palm however, the spiky bark cannot be processed in a wood chipper and thus the wood must be transported in larger sections. This makes the tree removal costs for palms more expensive than for other species of tree.

Tree Lopping

Lopping is one of the least understood tree services, though it still remains an important strategy for professional arborists. Lopping involves the complete removal of a section of tree. While it historically referred to the indiscriminate removal of tree canopies, it is now used to refer to any removal of a section of tree. Thus it is useful for arborists dealing with dangerous trees to lop those branches and sections that pose a threat, enabling the rest of the tree to be salvaged.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal Sydney is an essential service that our arborists provide. Trees that have become dangerous, or trees that have fallen during a storm, must be removed as soon as possible. Our team of arborists can perform safe, fast and effective tree removal all across Sydney. If you notice that a tree is looking hazardous, or a tree has fallen over on your property, get in touch with our team today to have the tree removed as soon as possible.

Power Line Clearance

Trees too close to power lines and other sources of electricity are an immediate threat to the community. It is essential that you have your Sydney trees regularly assessed by a qualified arborist to determine that the tree is structurally sound and sufficiently far from threats like power lines which have the potential to cause electrical fires. If you’ve noticed tree branches too close to power lines, contact our team today. Depending on the circumstances, the tree branches may need to be lopped or in certain situations a complete tree removal may be necessary.

Tree Removal Obligation-Free Quote

Each of the factors mentioned above must be considered when calculating the total cost of a tree removal service. Ultimately an arborist must calculate how long a tree removal job will take, how many crew members will be required to complete it, what type of machinery will be required, whether council permission must be sought first and whether any additional services like traffic management or cherry pickers are needed to complete the work safely. In order for arborists to accurately estimate the total cost from each of these independent factors they must be given all of the information first. That’s why we offer free quotes for all of our services without any obligation to commit. This enables our customers to do their due diligence in research before making the final decision to hire our services.

To get a free quote, get in touch with our friendly customer service professionals on 131546 or fill out the online quote request form on our website.

Ultimately tree removal Sydney prices are determined by the amount of time it takes to complete the job. There is no simple formula because a quote takes into account many different considerations that will affect the overall difficulty and amount of time it will require to complete the tree removal. Tree removal costs depend on a wide range of important factors that are relevant to both the direct and indirect condition of the tree. These include the size, species and condition of the tree. It also includes the level of access to the site, the type of terrain the tree is on and whether there are any surrounding hazards. Any one of these factors can increase the amount of time and the difficulty of the job.

To take an example, the site on which the tree is located can have a dramatic impact on the overall time it takes to remove the tree. If the tree has easy access and is on flat ground far away from any roads or traffic, then the tree removal time will likely be expedited. This will result in the work being completed faster, with less crew members required and less risk to the workers.Conversely, if the same tree was on a site with limited access, steep terrain and lots of nearby hazards, the overall time to complete the tree removal will be much longer. More crew members will likely be required, progress will be slower and more care will have to be paid to safety due to the nearby hazards. This example illustrates that while the size, species and condition of the tree is important, it is not the only factor that influences the overall tree removal costs.

If you’ve made it through the explanation above and are still asking “what are the tree removal costs” then you have certainly earned some indication. While we can’t provide exact figures – because every tree removal job is different – we can give you an idea with the average price of tree removal Sydney. For a Sydney tree on private property, the average tree removal costs around $800 to $1200. However, for small trees this can go as low as $250 and for large mature trees it can be as much as $3000, depending on the aforementioned factors.

This is one of the single most common questions our crews and customer service specialists get asked. It’s understandable because the terms are frequently used interchangeably. This writer is not innocent of that charge. However, the term lopper has risen to prominence in recent years as a result of being one of the most commonly searched terms by those looking for tree services. However, many arborists balk at the term. This is because within the industry, ‘lopping’ refers to the unsustainable removal of large sections of a tree, generally its canopy. The term ‘lopper’ therefore indicates a certain failure to meet Australian Pruning Standards and a misunderstanding of proper tree maintenance strategies. The term ‘arborist’ on the other hand, refers to a tree surgeon who has earned their arboreal qualifications and studied horticulture to a very high standard.

The term ‘lopper’ is one that has risen in popularity in the general public due to the ease of expression, but within the tree industry and among professional tree surgeons it remains an unpopular term. It is best to keep the term ‘lopper’ to your internet searches and politely refer to any tree surgeon you meet in person as an arborist.

This question is a very common one, but we will tweak it slightly and instead answer the more important question of: “Should I remove a tree myself?” We have no idea whether you can remove a tree yourself, but we are very sure that you should not. Tree removal is dangerous, technical and requires the right training and machinery. Without the appropriate training, experience, skills, tools, safety protocols and supporting crew members, you are putting yourself and anyone around you in a high level of danger.

Even small trees can be risky to perform a tree removal on without the right knowledge and tools. However, the danger is not restricted to yourself. If done improperly, a bad tree removal can permanently ruin the soil and surrounding ecosystem. This type of environmental damage can have long lasting effects on the health, growth and prosperity of your entire garden.

Tree removal costs are far cheaper than the potential financial repercussions of destroying your property while trying to excavate a tree by yourself. Our tree removal Sydney crews are fast, efficient, friendly and professional. They also have the machinery and skills to carry out an end-to-end tree removal Sydney. This means they have stump grinding and wood chipping machinery that can allow them to complete the job and transport all of the green waste away from the property for you. This ensures that your home and property are clean and tidy at the completion of our job.

A tree removal should be done when your arborist recommends it. Our Sydney tree services include health assessments that can identify whether and when your trees should be removed. If the motivation to engage our tree services is to remove dangerous large trees, then this should be done immediately. If the reason to remove the trees is for aesthetic reasons, then obviously the time frame is less important. The import thing is to speak with our tree services specialists to determine what the best course of action is for you and your trees.

The job of removing trees is not complete if the stumps are left to rot in the ground. That’s why we come to every job equipped with a stump grinder and wood chipper so that we can do the extrema work to completely remove your Sydney tree. Whether the stumps are from large trees or small trees, no job is too difficult for our crew to work through. If you want a tree removal job done on your Sydney tree and you want the job done right, get in contact with our tree surgeons today.