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Jim’s Arborist Brisbane Services – Stump Grinding & Reports

Stump Removal and Tree Lopping

Summers can be pleasant in Sydney with all the fun activities you can do at the beaches or swimming pool. But summer also brings hidden dangers, primarily of which is bushfire. As the temperature increases, dead trees and shrubs become very susceptible to catching fire. A single wayward flame, or even a tiny spark, can cause raging bushfires that often result in millions of dollars of damage and even loss of lives. It is therefore everyone’s obligation to help avoid bushfires. One way of doing this is clearing areas near you of shrubs and dead trees that could potentially start a fire. You could also get your neighbours to join in so you could cover a large area. Make sure that you have the area properly mapped out for high risk areas where you should concentrate your efforts.

Jim's Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services

A firebreak is also a good way to prevent any fire from spreading. But not all dead trees, especially the larger ones, can be easily cut down and disposed. In this case, you should seek the services of a professional arborist Sydney. Jim’s Trees is one of the most trusted and reliable tree services companies in Sydney. Our highly-skilled and experienced arborists are well-trained in the latest pruning and cutting techniques and use only the best equipment available. Aside from removal and lopping, we also do stump grinding Sydney for those hard to get stumps. Our commitment is to provide the most hassle-free and efficient tree services in Sydney.  In addition to all this, we also offer arborist report Sydney services.