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Newcastle Tree and Stump Removal Services

Trust a team with local Newcastle experience. Over the last decade the Newcastle region has come to rely on their local Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal for all of their tree service needs. The rapidly growing client base in the wider Newcastle community is a testament to the hard work and quality service provided by our local crew.

The most common feedback we get from customers in Newcastle is that we are fast, friendly and professional. That’s because we put the needs of our customers before anything else. We aren’t just a tree removal company, we provide a well-rounded service that encompasses a tree’s whole life cycle. From planting saplings, to nurturing their growth, assessing their health and pruning their leaves. Our team loves trees and is dedicated to helping them prosper.

Our Services

We have a number of specialty services that we provide. If there are any tree problems or services that we haven’t mentioned, give us a call today so we can discuss your options. There is no job too big, too small or too difficult for our team to handle.

– Tree Removal
– Tree Pruning
– Woodchipping
– Lopping
– Palm cleaning or removal
– Stump grinding
– Mulching of branches

Why Maintain Your Trees

Sadly, trees don’t stay healthy forever. Trees that have deteriorated in health can become a health hazard for the community and the environment. Once a tree has become unhealthy or damaged, there is a high risk that their structural integrity will be compromised. This can lead to falling branches or entire trees coming down. Most people understand the risks this poses during periods of high winds or storms, but many are unaware that these same risks persist through calm weather if the tree is structurally unsound.

Unsafe trees can be unassuming. For this reason it is essential to have a qualified Arborist perform regular health assessments to ensure your tree is free of damage, disease, rodents and other health issues

Our Tree Surgeons can help you to preserve the health of your trees in a number of other ways. Pruning and trimming of the leaves can help to reduce the weight on the branches, which can greatly reduce the risk of falling limbs. Furthermore, lopping and shaping of a large tree’s canopy can increase stability and reduce the impact of strong winds.

Why Trim with Jim?

While you probably know that Jim’s is one of the largest, most successful franchises in the world, you may not know that each franchise is locally owned. This means that your local Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal franchise is owned and operated by a local member of your community. This means that we pair our global reputation and resources with local residents to ensure that you get a friendly, dedicated service from your neighbourhood Arborist.

Each job we take is covered by our industry-leading $10 million insurance policy. This is to help you rest assured that your safety and property are covered. We don’t take risks or cut corners. Our staff are all highly trained in safety measures to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. Our crews also come prepared with the best tools and machinery in the business. This means that they can tackle any job. We also offer cleanup services to each of our jobs, to leave your property looking as good, or better than we found it.

For an obligation-free quote, call our friendly team on 131 546. We’re open 7 days a week.

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