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Blue Mountains Tree and Stump Removal Services

We know the Blue Mountains as well as you do.

For years now, residents throughout Penrith, the Blue Mountains, West Sydney and surrounding suburbs have trusted one name to care for their private trees, Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal. 

Many assume that it is due to the high quality service, training and tools used by our local team. While this is true, we know that the reason is because our crew is full of passionate tree service professionals who have a genuine desire to help the community. 

Our team is local, friendly, qualified and professional.

Jim's Tree Removal, Pruning, Cutting and Lopping Services

Our Services

Our local crew are highly trained in all areas of tree care. Whether it’s assessing their health, shaping their canopy, lopping excess weight, pruning their leaves or removing the tree and stump – our team has you covered. If your tree needs help, our team is ready to assist. 

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Pruning
  • Canopy Shaping
  • Branch Lopping
  • Health Assessments
  • Pro Arborist Reports
  • Woodchipping
  • Mulching
  • Green Waste Removal

Why Care for your Trees?

This is a common question as trees can appear to be self-sufficient and enduring. However, trees are a precious resource that should be protected and treated with care. Trees add rich character and a beautiful aesthetic to a community – but they do much more than that. 

Healthy trees filter the air we breathe and support the ecosystem we live within. They are the backbone of a healthy environment, they reduce the heat in the summer months and are a rich source of nutrients for the plants and animals that live within and around them. Studies even suggest that living around a higher density of trees can lead to lower levels of stress and anxiety. So really, the only question we should be asking is – how do we preserve our trees? 

How To Preserve Your Trees

Regular care and attention are the key to maintaining healthy, safe trees. This requires an understanding of how your trees should look and being able to notice the warning signs of their deteriorating health. 

Warning signs

Excess foliage on the limbs of a tree are a good sign that your tree should be pruned. Too much weight on the extremities of a tree can lead to imbalances of the tree and risk snapping the branch. 

Holes in the trunk could suggest any number of issues for your trees. From an infestation of bugs, rodents or parrots, to tree diseases that could worsen over time. Any notable holes appearing in the bark of your tree should be seen as a sign to bring in a professional. 

Heavy swaying of the tree could indicate a loss of its structural integrity. If you notice your tree swaying more than usual during periods of high winds, then it’s time to get your local Arborist to give it a check. 


Have the health of your trees assessed regularly. This will prevent any health issues from sneaking up on you and becoming too big to handle. 

Prune often. While a large canopy may look great, too much foliage can lead to overweight branches and encourage rodents to call your tree home. If you’ve noticed an increased amount of green waste below your tree, it might be time to give it a trim. 

Remove dangerous trees. While we all grow attached to our trees, it’s important to understand when they have become hazardous and to remove them as soon as possible. Unstable trees can drop branches or fall down even without excess wind. 

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