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Tree Removal in WA

Need Tree Removal in WA?

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Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal services WA can help with Tree Removal, Tree Lopping, Tree Pruning & Arborist Reports.  See our full range of tree services here.

Tree Removal Costs WA?

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?  Obviously, the price of a tree removal service will depend on a few factors.  Tree Removal Costs in WA can depend on:

  • The type, height and size of the tree;
  • the condition of the tree;
  • the surrounding environment (proximity to main roads, other buildings, public safety, access to block, slope, etc);
  • the urgency of the job (eg. Storm damage, public safety, etc).
  • clean up of the tree once it is cut down:
    • is it to be left on site – perhaps for firewood;
    • is it to be partially wood chipped or mulched and added to the garden;
    • is it expected to be entirely removed from site;
  • if there a likely to be a stump remaining; and if so:
    • is this to also be removed entirely;
    • or will stump grinding be sufficient;
    • or is a stump OK to remain (as possibly a garden feature)?
  • whether a Permit required; and if so:

Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal will be able to provide a written quote up front so you know the exact cost; with no surprises.

Simply call us on 131 546 to book in an obligation free quote (7 days) or book a time online 24/7.

Tree Removal Permit in WA

You may need a permit to be allowed to conduct tree lopping or felling; depending on the council regulations and local by-laws.

With expert local knowledge, Jim’s Tree Removal team will usually have first-hand knowledge of when a permit is required in WA and under what circumstances it might not be needed.   Of course it is always best to confirm with your local council.

Should an Arborist Report be needed before a tree can be removed or cut back; then the fully licensed, insured and experienced team at Jim’s Tree & Stump removal can help.

Checklist for WA Tree Removal Services

  1. Is your Tree Removalist professionally trained?
    Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal team are all fully trained tree specialists;
  2.  Is your Tree Service Company Fully Insured?
    Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal Service in WA are fully insured to $10 Million for public liability.
  3. Are they Police Checked?
    All Jim’s Trees Franchisees are police checked.
  4. Does the Tree Removal Company provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
    All Jim’s Services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the service for any reason, let us know and we will fix it at no additional cost to you.
  5. What Customer Satisfaction Rating / Reviews and Recommendations do they have?
    Did you know that Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal has an overall 4.7 star rating (out of 5 – based on customer satisfaction rating from all customer where a job has been completed).  This is from more than 1,400 genuine, verified customer reviews in the last 3 years.   You can view Jim’s Tree Removal Reviews here.   And you can view specific reviews and testimonials for each of our Tree Removal Specialists on their profile pages – simply find your local WA Jim’s Trees professional here.  Jim’s Trees “Product Review” ratings are even higher in recent times; now at 4.9 stars!

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