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Stump Grinding in NSW

Need Stump Grinding in NSW?

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Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal services NSW can help with grinding back tree stumps (so that the root ball will not regrow the tree at any time in the future) or entirely remove tree stumps from your property if new planting, landscaping or foundation work requires it to be complete removed – no matter the size!

There are several different ways to remove a stump, but the fastest and most cost effective method is to grind the tree stump away.

Why Hire a Professional Stump Grinder in NSW?

Majority of large plants and trees have established root systems that penetrate very deep into the earth (anywhere from 4 to 10 times larger than the tree) which makes removing stumps quite difficult and sometimes dangerous without the appropriate tools and proper planning.

There are 3 different methods of Stump Grinding; Our professional Stump Grinders can;

  • grind the tree stump down, level to the earth leaving a smooth flat surface
  • grind the tree stump several inches below the earth’s surface, fill it in with dirt leaving the remainder of the tree stump and roots to decay.
  • grind the tree stump back entirely, removing the entire tree stump and root ball, ensuring that it does not grow back at all (stump removal).

These are quickest methods for removing a tree stump and can be done with stump grinding specialist equipment that will easily chew through the wood, reducing even large stumps to fresh garden mulch.

Stump Grinding Costs NSW? 

How much does it cost to grind a tree stump?  The price of a stump grinding service will depend on a few factors.  Stump Grinding Costs in NSW can depend on:

  • the tree species, size, age and condition;
  • whether the stump is easily accessible;
  • how much of the tree stump you want removed – (ground level, below ground level or entirely removed?)
  • disposal of the tree stump once it has been removed, is it to be:
    • left on site for firewood?
    • turned into woodchips or mulched?
    • removed from site entirely?

Call Jim’s Tree & Stump Grinding NSW on 131 546 and we will provide you with a Free Stump Grinding Quote before work commences so that you know the exact price for stump grinding; with no hidden costs on additional services.

Checklist for NSW Stump Grinding Services

  1. Is your  NSW Tree Stump Grinder currently licensed?
  2. Is your NSW Tree Service Company Fully Insured?
    • There are specific guidelines about insurance that they should follow and if you ask, they should be knowledgeable about the insurance they carry and what it covers.
    • Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal NSW have a comprehensive, $10 million insurance policy.
  3. Does the NSW Tree Stump Grinding Service provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
    • Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal NSW team promise to ensure that the service you require is completed with 100% satisfactory, and if not, they will return to remedy the issue at no further costs to you.
  4. Does your %%SUBURB Tree Service have a good reputation?
    • With an overall Star Rating of 4.7 (out of 5) from more than 2,000 genuine, verified customer reviews and testimonials in the last 2 years, you can have peace of mind knowing that you hired the best Stump Grinding team in NSW.
    • Did you know that each of our Stump Grinding Specialists have reviews and testimonials on their personal profile pages? – Check out your local NSW Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal reviews and testimonials here.
  5. Is your Stump Removal team a member of the TCAA? (Tree Contractors Association of Australia)
    • The TCAA membership requires that the tree services professional carry full insurance and provide quality service, as well as have a certain amount of experience.

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