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Palm Tree Care in Woden Valley

Need Palm Tree Services in Woden Valley? 

Call Jim’s Palm Tree Care Woden Valley on 131 546 – 7 days; or book online here 24/7.

Jim’s Trees Woden Valley also offer Tree RemovalStump Grinding & RemovalTree Lopping & Pruning & Arborist Reports.  See our full range of tree services here.

Mature Palm trees are too tall for homeowners to safely provide regular maintenance. To avoid injuring yourself or damaging your property, it is recommended that you call the specialists in Woden Valley palm tree care and maintenance.

Why do Palm Trees need regular maintenance?

Regularly maintaining your palm trees has many benefits such as;

  • aesthetic quality – it is always nice to keep your property neat and tidy
  • keeping rats, ticks and other vermin away (they love dead palm fronds and the seeds/coconuts)
  • prevent fire hazards due to palm tree debris
  • avoid being liable for damages as old and heavy palm fronds, seeds or coconuts can fall and land on pedestrians, cars or your neighbours property

Our Palm Tree Care Services include;

  1. Palm Tree Removal – have the entire palm tree removed safely and effectively, stump and all.
  2. Palm Tree Sculpting – ensures that your palm trees always look their best and remain healthy.
  3. Palm Tree Shaving – improves the aesthetics of your palm tree and maintains the palm tree health resulting in minimal future maintenance.
  4. Palm Tree Pruning – requires extensive experience to ensure everyone’s safety and the trees health.

Palm Tree Care & Maintenance Prices in Woden Valley? 

How much does it cost to for palm tree care and maintenance services in Woden Valley?  The costs of a palm tree services will depend on a few factors.  Palm Tree prices in Woden Valley can depend on:

  • The type, height, size and condition of the tree;
  • the surrounding environment (e.g. are their any obstructions that would make removal or pruning difficult?);
  • clean up of the tree once it is pruned or removed – is it to be:

o            left on site for disposal / firewood?

o             woodchipped or mulched and added to the garden?

o             entirely removed from site?

  • whether a Permit required; and if so:

o             If an professional arborist report is required

Jim’s Palm Tree Care will be able to provide a written quote up front so you know the exact cost; with no surprises. Just call us on 131 546 to book in an obligation free quote (7 days) or book a time online 24/7.

Do I need a Permit to Remove or Prune Palm Trees in Woden Valley?

Depending on your local Woden Valley council regulations and by-laws, it is possible that you may need a permit to be allowed to conduct any form of palm tree services.

With expert local knowledge, Jim’s Palm Tree Care & Maintenance team in Woden Valley will generally have first-hand knowledge of what circumstances will require a permit. Naturally, it is always best to confirm with your local council. Should an Arborist Report be needed before a tree can be removed or cut back; then the fully licensed, insured and experienced team at Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal can help.

Selecting Local Palm Tree Care Companies in Woden Valley

  1. Is your Palm Tree Maintenance Company currently licensed?
  2. Is your Tree Service Company Fully Insured?
  3. Do they give you peace of mind with current Police Checks?
  4. Does the Palm Tree Removal Company provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
  5. What Customer Satisfaction Rating / Reviews and Recommendations do they have?

Why Choose Jim’s Trees for Palm Tree Maintenance in Woden Valley?

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