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How to get your trees ready for summer

As you look forward to the warmer weather and prepare to unleash your pasty legs on the world, you’ll also need to think about your trees. The hot Australian Summer can be a cause of damage and stress to your trees. But by doing some simple preparation, you can ensure your trees are in tip-top shape and prevent any potential damage. 

Lay down some Mulch

Mulch, commonly made from compost, tree bark and wood chips, provides your trees with plenty of benefits. Mulch is ideal for summer as it insulates the soil from the heat, retains soil moisture, and reduces water evaporation. It can also prevent weed growth and soil erosion. We’d recommend laying down around two to three inches of Mulch around your trees to see maximum benefits.

Water and irrigation

In the summer months, your trees are likely to be more thirsty as rain is less frequent and moisture tends to evaporate faster. To ensure your trees are sufficiently hydrated, you’ll need to begin a routine watering schedule. We recommend watering in the morning or evening to give the roots the best chance at absorbing the water. To check if your trees are getting the water they need, dig a finger into the soil. It should be moist, not dry or soggy. 

Irrigation systems are a great way to take the stress out of watering your trees. A timed drip line system is recommended as it gives your plants a deep and routine watering.


With summer comes the increased risk of fire. Overly dry or dead trees and hanging branches close to powerlines can quickly become dangerous fire hazards. Pruning is recommended to reduce possible fire risks and it keeps your trees happy and healthy. We recommend pruning earlier rather than later so plan to prune your trees during the spring. 

Trim any dead branches, leaves, fruit or flowers off your tree. If your tree is close to powerlines or is considerably large, call in an expert such as Jim’s Trees to trim your trees. A pruning mistake could cause a fire risk or potentially result in a fatal accident. 

Remove any dead trees or stumps

As mentioned earlier, dead trees can be an enormous fire risk. They are also popular with pests and can quickly spread disease to your healthy plants and trees. Removing a dead tree will help in maintaining a healthy garden throughout the summer. 

It’s important to also remove the stump of a tree as the root system can continue to grow and spread. The stump will keep absorbing the nutrients and moisture within the ground which can further dry out your soil. 

To successfully remove a tree and stump, call in the experts. Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal are highly trained and experienced arborists. Safe, affordable and environmentally conscious, we’ll make sure your trees receive the specialised care they require. We can also assist you in your mulching and pruning requirements. 

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