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Contactless tree removal service by Jim’s Trees

Tree removal and maintenance services have been classified as essential by the government during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic due to their role in keeping the community safe and the environment healthy.

Arborists play a crucial role in protecting us from the risks associated with dead, damaged and dying trees. Trees that are neglected can quickly become fall-hazards for nearby residents, passing pedestrians, traffic and wildlife. It’s important that even during this chaotic time, we maintain our trees to ensure our communities remain safe.

Even though you may be locked at home, it’s vital that you still leave the dangerous work of tree removal and lopping to qualified Arborists. We have the tools, the training and the experience to carry out tree work in the safest, most sustainable way possible.

Luckily, our work is able to be done without any physical contact with our clients. This means that we are able to continue providing our premium service without violating social distancing guidelines or putting you at risk.

  1. Quick, easy and contactless quoting procedures
  2. Working outside in small, distanced teams with no face to face interaction required from you
  3. Seamless online billing procedures

No Contact, but unchanged service

We have changed the way we carry out our work to ensure that we are in line with health authority recommendations and social distancing guidelines.

Our crew now travel in separate vehicles. Each day they disinfect the cars, tools, machinery and equipment that they use. This includes keys and carabiners. If any crew member shows signs of symptoms, they will remain home in self-quarantine.

Our quote process can now be done entirely remotely. We can provide a quote via the phone or a video call to ensure that we can provide a transparent process without the need for physical interaction.

While we carry out our work, you are encouraged to remain inside. While we always appreciate the kind hospitality of our clients who like to chat with us and offer refreshments, during this time it is safest for everyone that we abide by the rules of social distancing.

Once we have completed the work, we will just email you the invoice. If you specifically want to pay with a credit card, this can be done over the phone.

Now is a great time to complete your Tree removal or pruning works

Now is a great time to have an Arborist take care of your trees. In the lead up to Winter, tree maintenance is really important. The cold climate and regular storms put stress on your trees that can be mitigated with professional pruning.

Our teams have noticed a rise in people doing their own DIY tree removal jobs at home. It is essential that this type of dangerous work is left to professionals with industry-leading equipment, training and insurance.

Don’t put your family or your community at risk. Support your local Arborists and get them to keep your neighbourhood safe and the ecosystem thriving.



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