arborist in Geelong provides tree removal and lopping services

Jims has more work than it can handle according to latest stats from the Jims Group

The Jim’s group prides itself on great customer service.

It has grown to over 50 Divisions since its inception when it first started franchising way back in 1989 with very heavy focus on the customer experience. Read more

Tree Removal in Sydney

Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal Experts in Sydney
Trees have numerous benefits including; providing shelter and shade,
providing beautification , reducing environmental pollution, wind
obstruction, providing fresh air, entertainment for kids, and many
more. The list is endless. Read more

Way back in 2014

Sometimes our clients love to put videos together and send them into us.

Here is a video from way back in 2014 with Wayne in Hawks Bay New Zealand doing a pretty large tidy up for a client – if you have any videos you would like to send in to us – please do.

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Huge Tree Removal by Jim’s Trees Ascot Vale

Our franchisees are often asked to to some every large tree removal jobs.

The job are so large in fact that we need to use cranes in this video to get the job done.

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Tree Felling

Its all about the accuracy when felling trees.Thanks to our guys in New  Zealand who like to entertain the neighbours.

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Jim’s Tree and Stump Removal is also in Auckland

Thanks to Brendon for supplying this video from our guys in Auckland – we have a number of franchisees in New Zealand .

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Tree Removal view from up top gives you some idea what it looks like

Thanks Nathan – Jim’s Trees Mill Park for this great video which give you some idea what it looks like from up top.Its a pretty dangerous job which takes great skill to remove a tree like this .The franchisees at Jim’s Trees are fully insured backed by a guarantee of works by Jim. We service thousands of customers around Australia and New Zealand .People use Jim’s because its a brand you can trust .As Jim always says – you can only earn trust – its one of those things you just cant buy.

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Tree Removal in open space

Here is a tree removal drop in open space with our guys having a bit of fun.

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Huge Tree Removal job in Sydney

Wow is all I can say.

Some of the jobs we do in the back streets of Sydney are huge.

Lots of large equipment on site for this site.

Cranes, trucks, chippers etc.

Scott and his crew do many large scale jobs – both domestic and commercial.

Its important on jobs like these to have a professional and fully ensure crew.

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