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Can I plant trees in winter?

As with most enquiries about the health and growth of trees, there is no single answer to the question ‘can I plant trees in winter?’. The answer will of course depend on a number of important variables. Some of the most influential factors are the tree species that you wish to plant, the location and climate in which you wish to plant it, and the temperature of the soil. Below we will run you through these three factors to help you determine whether you should proceed with your winter planting ambitions, or whether it would be best to wait until the arrival of more hospitable conditions.

What type of tree should you plant in winter?

While many people assume that you can’t plant trees during the cold winter months, for many species of trees this time can actually be ideal. Planting and the early growth period of a sapling can interfere with its natural cycles. However, since many trees are dormant during winter, planting the right trees during this time is optimal for avoiding interruptions to the growth cycle. Two prime examples of this are fruit trees and deciduous trees. As both of these types of trees go through dormant periods during winter, planting during this time is the least disruptive to their growth cycle and will allow them to flourish by the time the warmer weather comes around.

Where can you plant trees in winter?

The question of location is important for two reasons when it comes to planting trees in winter. Where you are in Australia will have a large impact on the type of weather conditions your tree will be dealing with. In addition, where you plant your tree relative to other trees, plants and natural features may impact the growing conditions for your tree. If you’re down in Tasmania, then you’re going to have to be a lot more careful of the type of tree you plant compared to those in Darwin. Speak to a local arborist about the right trees to plant in winter for your local area.

What is the optimal soil temperature for winter tree planting?

For deciduous trees in winter, a soil temperature around 10°C is optimal. For a lot of fruit trees, growth will stop altogether when the soil temperature falls below 13°C. However, tricks like mulching can help to regulate the soil temperature to help your young trees survive their first winter. For more help on winter tree planting, get in touch with our professional arborists today.

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