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Becoming a Franchisee means the freedom and opportunity of being your own boss without needing to do it alone. This is the chance you’ve been looking for to work for yourself, not by yourself. Starting your own business is a risky endeavour, so why do it alone? Franchisees gain access to a vast support network, including training, resources, experience and thousands of fellow Franchisees to connect with and learn from. 

Work/Life Balance

Have you been slaving away for your salary? Are you too exhausted to enjoy the few days off you have? Franchisees have complete control over the work they do. You are in control of when, where and how much you work. This puts the power in your hands. Work as much or as little as you choose to fit into the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. Enjoy the things you love. Owning your own Franchise means gaining the flexibility to find the work / life balance that suits you, not your boss. 

Opportunity to Earn More

This flexibility to choose your own schedule means that you have the opportunity to work as much as you want. When you are your own boss, you get out what you put in. This means that you are no longer restricted to a set wage. Your finances are no longer determined by whether you get a promotion or a pay rise. Your pay is determined by the effort and time you invest into the business. 

Reduced Setup Cost

Starting a business on your own is a costly and risky endeavour. Luckily, the Jim’s Group has a successful framework to help Franchisees start their businesses without paying top dollar for all the initial costs and ongoing business expenses. Our team of Franchisors and support staff can guide you through the right options to suit your budget and business goals.  

Ongoing Support & Training

Through the Jim’s Group network you will gain access to the knowledge and experience of thousands of successful business owners. Our Franchisors and support team will guide you through many of the trickiest parts of starting and running a successful business. We offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure that you are equipped to deal with the challenges of starting and growing your enterprise. 

Expertise & Experience

One of the most valuable things you can have when starting a business is experience. Becoming a Franchisee within the Jim’s Group means starting your own business with the head start of decades of experience, proven business systems, industry updates and professional insight to help you stay ahead of the curve. There’s no better way to start a business than with the advantage of years of expertise and experience right from the start.

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Are you feeling trapped in your current job? Do you have a passion for supporting others? A career as a Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal franchisor may just be the answer you’re looking for. A franchisor provides franchisees with the support and guidance they need to operate their business to brand standards.

By joining the Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal team as a franchisor, you can be your own boss and change the direction of your life forever.

Jim’s Group can provide you with all the training and skills you’ll need to start you on your way as a Jim’s  Trees & Stump Removal franchisor. We have been supporting franchisees and franchisors alike since 1989.

We understand that change can be daunting, but the rewards can be huge. Call 131 546  today, to find out more.

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We have a passion for customer service, and for this we need the best people. Our selection system rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work.

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